Are you a Mexican expat living in the United Kingdom or Canada? Then you might be interested in making a free call Mexico. Read this article and to discover ways to make free or international calls from Mexico to Canada and United Kingdom or the other way round. 

How to make free calls in Canada and Mexico ? 

1. Download Pinngle Messenger app from App Store or Google Play
2. Register and verify your number either by SMS or voice call
3. Start making high-quality voice and video calls with your contacts

Mexican Expats in Canada

free call Canada UK Mexico

Mexican people represent the largest subgroup of Latin American Canadians. The community of Mexican expats in Canada is becoming stronger and stronger with each year. The members of the Mexican community in Canada have roots all across Mexico. They come from Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mexico City, and other places. Mexicans in Canada regard cities such as Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, and many others as their home. The metropolitan areas with the largest populations of people with Mexican ancestry include the following ones: Montréal Greater Toronto Area, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa. However, Mexicans are also present in provinces like British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba.

Mexican Expats in the U.K

free call Canada UK Mexico

The United Kingdom is home to many Mexican expats. With years, Mexican expats in the United Kingdom have built a very strong community.  similar to Mexican expats in Canada, Community members have roots all across Mexico, from Guadalajara, over Monterrey to Mexico City.Mexican-born immigrants to the UK and their British-born generations. International students make up a large percentage of Mexican-born people living in the UK.  Mexicans in the UK call Glasgow, Cardiff, London, and many other cities home. London has the has largest Mexican community in the country. 

 Are you in Mexico trying to connect with your loved ones in Canada? Are you in Canada and want to connect with those you care about most in Mexico?

Just look for a reliable chat app that offers affordable or even free domestic and international phone calls. This is the best way to keep in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues in any corner of the world.

How to Make a Free Call from Mexico to Canada or U.K  

 Are you in Mexico trying to connect with your loved ones in Canada and the U.K or the other way round? Here are three ways you can do so with Pinngle Messenger. 

Pinngle to Pinngle free international calls. 

Pinngle Messenger is a messaging app connecting people across the world with intsant messaging and  voice and video calls. If you’re looking to call your friends from Canada to Mexico or from the U.K to Mexico for free, you can now do so with Pinngle Messenger.  If you both have Pinngle installed on your phones, then your voice and video calls are completely free of charge. You will also be able to send text messages, share multimedia, any types of files, podcasts, playlists, documents up to any size and any format. Above all that, the app is encrypted, meaning no one can access your conversations, data or calls. Not even Pinngle Messenger.

Pinngle-out to make cheap international calls 

There’s another option to call your friends living abroad and this feature is called Pinngle-out . You can use this feature to call your friends that do not have Pinngle installed on their phones. However, you should note that this feature requires you to add funds in your balance. You can also use this feature to call your contacts who don’t have internet on their phones. Last but not least, this feature also works when you call landlines or even people who do not own smartphones.  

Virtual numbers to receive international calls

free call Canada UK Mexico

Virtual numbers is another way to receive international calls! Unlike Pinngle-out, this paid feature allows you to only receive calls whether it’s international or not. Pinngle’s virtual numbers can also be viewed as disposable virtual numbers where you can use them temporarily, or as a backup phone number. You can use your virtual number to receive unlimited calls for free. Here’s how virtual numbers on Pinngle work. If you live in Mexico  and want to receive calls from your relatives in Canada , then you should buy a Canadian virtual number. If you live in Canada but you want to receive calls from your relatives in Mexico , then you should buy a Mexican virtual number. All you need to do is order your desired country number once, and receive free calls for months depending on your subscription plan. Pinngle Messenger is offering virtual phone numbers for more than 35+ countries starting at 1.50$ only.

Pinngle Messenger values and features

There are five company values that drive Pinngle, and determine the features the app offers

People come first

  • End-to-end data encryption protect user information
  • Never sell or store user data to third parties

A borderless world is a better world

  • Can function everywhere, and can’t be blocked by governments
  • Works on 2G networks and on overloaded Wi-Fi networks
  • Virtual numbers allow one to easily get a local number in another country
  • If you run a business and have clients in Italy, you can get a virtual number in Tasmania so that they can easily contact you

Communication is essential

  • Call any phone or landline number, even without internet access
  • Share files of any type or size
  • High quality voice calls to Italy
  • Easily communicate with HD video chats to Italy

Be fearless and authentic

  • Express yourself freely, with the knowledge that Pinngle protects your privacy and security
  • Share content of all types in Pinngle Public Channels

Do more with less

  • Pinngle is a compact app that uses minimal storage and data on your phone
  • Can decrease battery use by up to 40%

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