About us

Pinngle is a mobile app founded in 2016 by Zigma Telecom SIA. Zigma Telecom is a telecom operator that delivers innovative solutions for voice, messaging, data and connectivity, business intelligence and analytics, fraud and authentication, roaming, testing, and mobile app development.

Pinngle was created with the vision to connect everyone in the world even when other apps get shut down or blocked.

It works literally everywhere by empowering millions of its users to stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers. We believe that the freedom to communicate is paramount. That’s why, at Pinngle, we spare no time and resources to make this a reality. The Pinngle app has got a vast and interesting variety of great features ranging from free voice and video calls, file and photo sharing to Pinngle outs, callbacks, virtual numbers and many more. We have put a special focus on the privacy and security of our users. We share the belief that communication should stay among its participants only and should never be accessed either by third-parties or by Pinngle itself. That’s why we have implemented end-to-end encryption and the so-called serverless concept. This means that we never store any of our users’ data. No one can access either your text messages or calls. Another priority of ours is the availability of Pinngle with even the worst internet connection. You are sure to be able to make voice calls, send messages and files even with 2G or poor internet. And finally, the Public Channels which were created with outstanding content in mind. We acknowledge that the internet is full of ads and spam and low-quality content and we decided to provide our users with a handy solution. Pinngle Channels unite creatives from all over the world. These are people who make a social impact and who add value to the global community by creating and sharing great content. Through Pinngle, we hope to make the world more open, connected, and free. Join us in this endeavor.