Telephone systems are increasingly becoming more and more advanced, thus providing excellent advantages both for individuals and businesses in every corner of the world. Did you know you can get a virtual number without actually buying a sim card? Virtual or international phone numbers is one of the greatest inventions in the modern-day telecommunications industry. Read this article to learn how to get one via Pinngle Messenger.

What is International or Virtual Phone Number?

International or virtual phone numbers are also known as online numbers or direct inward dialing. A virtual number is a phone number you can purchase through an online application or website. Virtual numbers can be characterized as telephone numbers without a directly associated telephone line, or defined as local telephone numbers in a selected country or city. These numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers chosen to be used. The main reason people purchase virtual numbers is to receive international calls without incurring high rates.

Introducing Pinngle Virtual Numbers

Now you can get virtual or international numbers through Pinngle Messenger. Pinngle’s virtual numbers can also be viewed as disposable virtual numbers where you can use them temporarily, or as a backup phone number. You can use your virtual number for receiving unlimited calls for free. All you need to do is order your desired number once and receive free calls for months depending on your subscription plan.

Pinngle Messenger is offering virtual phone numbers for more than 35+ countries starting at 1.50$ only. Follow the steps below and get one for yourself. Argentina – Austria – Brazil – Canada – Chile – Colombia – Czech Republic – Denmark – Dominican Republic – El Salvador – Estonia – Finland- Guatemala – Iceland – Ireland – Israel – Kenya – Lithuania – Mexico – Netherlands – New Zealand – Nicaragua – Norway – Panama – Peru – Poland – Puerto Rico – Romania – Russia – Slovakia – Sweden – Uganda – Ukraine – United Kingdom- United States of America


  • Go to settings
  • Click on Phone Numbers
  • After clicking on “Phone Numbers”, you will see a list of Top Countries and Available Countries
  • Tap on the country you wish to purchase a virtual number from.
    After clicking on your desired number, you will see the available cities with their codes and prices
  • Once you choose the destination, you will have the 3 available ordering options. These include: “Order on 3 months and save 3%” “Order on 6 months and save 6% “, and “Order on 12 months and save 12%.
  • If you’re ready to make the purchase, just tap on “OK.” If not, choose “Cancel.”
  • In case you have zero balance, you will see the following: “Not enough funds.”

In case you do not have funds in your balance :

  • Go to Settings on your mobile phone
  • Tap on My Balance
  • For Ios users click on Add Credits 4.99$ or 9.99$
  • For android users choose your desired amount and click on Add Credits

Enjoy receiving internationals calls 🙂

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