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Pinngle Public Channels

We have created Public Channels to help influencers, content creators, and social activists to share their message with the fast-growing Pinngle audience. Access to open a Pinngle Channel is granted by request only. We do this in order to maintain the flow of high-quality game-changing content.

For Influencers

Want to make an impact on millions and millions of people worldwide? You are in the right place! We value genuine content and we let only outstanding influencers in. In this modern world, it is easy to be considered an influencer. But not everyone is able to provide top-level quality. That’s why we focus on granting access to only the most brilliant and promising social activists and influencers.

Get a unique channel link to promote your content elsewhere

Join the community of impactful influencers

Get featured in your local community

Organically increase the number of your followers

Open up doors for collaboration opportunities

For Pinngle Users

Public Channels are a great place where you can follow the latest trends and see what’s going on in the world in general. Nearly all your favorite influencers, bloggers, content creators, social activists are here. And we are constantly finding and inviting more creative people to Pinngle.

Follow and engage with your favorite influencers

Be able to call/message them directly through Pinngle*

Receive quality content on the go

Put likes or dislikes to show your attitude

Enjoy the ad-free, spam-free environment

* Note that the influencer can opt out from receiving calls and messages

Influencers are here!

Jump into the party!

Apply for a Public Account with Pinngle


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