Removing a virus from your phone can be tricky. It is not as easy as removing any threat from your PC. Your Android phone is much more delicate and needs to be handled with care. Viruses for android are not very common, but there is no denial of its existence. There will be certain common signs that will indicate you about the presence of the virus on your phone. 

Here are four common signs of the virus in your Android Phone

⦁ If your web browser redirects to any unauthentic site or dodgy pop-ups obstacles your work, you should immediately go for a virus scan. 
⦁ If you notice that some unknown apps are automatically installed on your phone.
⦁ Sluggish performance of your phone. If you notice that an app is taking more time to open than usual, you should take the hint instantly.
⦁ If your phone freezes often, there is a virus attack on your android phone. 
Do not worry if you witness any of these signs on your phone. Removing a virus from your android phone is not rocket science. You can do that by implementing four easy steps. Scroll down to acquire a vivid idea. 

1. Uninstall any unknown app   

remove virus from android phone

If you don’t remember when you have downloaded a particular app, that can be a red flag. However, many other free apps can also contain malware. If you need to download any app for any work, you should uninstall the same soon after the work is completed. Go to the Settings option of your phone, select apps, and choose the application you aim to uninstall. 

2. Run virus scans frequently

remove virus from android phone

You need to be confirmed that your phone is free from any malware. A regular virus scan is essential to ensure that your phone has no such risks. Free antivirus scan can check all your installed apps, browser, etc. and warns you if you have any risk in your phone. There are many antiviruses like Avast, AVG or Norton. Install any one of these antivirus applications and provide 100% security to your device. 

3. Factory Reset the Phone often

remove virus from android phone

If frequent virus scans or uninstalling any unwanted app do not help in improving the sluggish performance of your phone, you need to go for a factory resetting. This will clear every data on your phone and make it just a new one. You can again reinstall the apps and start it afresh. Always remember to take back up of contacts, images, and other important files saved on your phone. 

4. Do not let the malware to be reinstalled

Once you uninstall applications and remove the virus from your phone, you need to provide top security to your phone. Make sure you download apps from Google Play or any other authentic source. Apart from that, also install an antivirus on your phone. This will protect your mobile from any threat and also keep your data safe. 

Do not let cybercriminals take the toll on you. Do not avoid any hints related to the virus attack in your android and do the needful without delay.


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