Are you living in Spain and wish to make free international calls to your friends and family who are living abroad ? You can easily do this by downloading Pinngle, a free messenger app that connects users across the world with instant messaging, voice calls and video chat.

How to make free international calls in Spain ? 

  1. Download Pinngle Messenger app from App Store or Google Play
  2. Register and verify your number either by SMS or voice call
  3. Start making high-quality voice and video calls with your contacts

The immigrants and exapts living in Spain

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 Spain is the largest country in Southern Europe and the second largest country in Western Europe. The current population of Spain is 46,754,778 and it is the 6th largest population among European countries. Many expats and immigrants live in Spain. The largest foreign population residing in Spain are the Moroccans which make up 761,122. The second largest foreign population is Romania with 666,936. Then comes the U.K with 300,987 and Italy 268,151. The 5th largest foriegn population is Colombia with 261,537. And finally, the 6th is China with 197,390.

Telecommunication sector in Spain 

Spain’s telecom market is one of the largest in Europe. The leading telecommunication operators in Spain is the the Telefónica-owned Movistar and is one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world. The British multinational telecommunications company Vodafone is also being operated in Spain and it is the second most used telecom service in Spain. Then comes Orange, the French multinational telecommunications corporation ranking the third most popular telecom operator in Spain.

Popular messaging apps being used in Spain

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Whatsapp by no doubt is one of the most popular messaging apps in Spain. According to a study conducted in 2019, 73% of Spain’s population uses Whatsapp to communicate and connect with each other inside or outside Spain. Surprisingly, Facebook Messenger is not that popular in Spain. Only around 37% of Spain’s population uses Facebook Messenger for texting and calling. Third place comes Skype with only 27%. And finally the last is Snapchat — only 12% of Spain’s population uses this app for texting.  

Why avoid using popular messaging apps in Spain

Spain just like Germany has finally passed the Data Protection and Digital Rights Act to implement the General Data Protection Regulation. Spanish citizens value their online privacy however, many of them still use popular messaging apps like Whatsapp. Although WhatsApp claims to be end-to-end encrypted, they don’t use true end to end encryption and is owned by Facebook , the ultimate government surveillance tool. There are many alternative messaging apps to Whatsapp that value user’s online privacy such as Pinngle Messenger. Pinngle messenger is a voice and video calling messaging app that delivers the highest standards of call quality and privacy. 

3 ways to call Spain with Pinngle Messenger

No matter where your destination is, you can’t live without having a reliable communication means. Otherwise, you’re going to stay disconnected from your family, friends, as well as colleagues. Here are 3 ways you can use Pinngle Messenger to connect with your loved ones living in Spain or abroad. 

Free Pinngle to Pinngle voice and video calls

You can now make free international calls to anyone using Pinngle Messenger in our outside Spain. Pinngle offers high quality voice and video calls and works perfectly well on slow internet. That being said, even if you’re connected to weak internet connections, you will still be able to make crystal clear voice and video calls with your contacts on Pinngle. Above all that, you can text freely and send images, videos, stickers, files, playlists and even podcasts with Pinngle Messenger.

Pinngle out calls to make cheap international calls to or from Spain 

If you want to call someone who is not on Pinngle, you can use the option of Pinngle out calls. This option is cheap and affordable for making international calls in or outside Spain . With Pinngle-out, you can even make calls to people who don’t own a smartphone or internet. Above all that, if you wish to call landlines, you can do it through Pinngle – out calls. All you need to is charge your balance and connect to the internet to initiate the call. Note that the person receiving your Pinngle-out calls should not necessarily have WiFi.  

Virtual numbers to receive international calls

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Another way to receive international calls from or to Spain is by having a virtual number! Unlike Pinngle-out, this paid feature allows you to ONLY receive calls. Pinngle’s virtual numbers can also be viewed as disposable virtual numbers where you can use them temporarily, or as a backup phone number. You can use your virtual number to receive unlimited calls for free. Here’s how virtual numbers on Pinngle work. If you live in France and want to receive calls from your relatives in Spain, then you should buy a Spanish virtual number. If you live in Spain but you want to receive calls from your relatives in France , then you should buy a French virtual number. All you need to do is order your desired country number once and receive free calls for months depending on your subscription plan. Pinngle Messenger is offering virtual phone numbers for more than 35+ countries including Germany starting at 1.50$ only.

Pinngle Messenger values and features

People come first

  • Peoples’ data and information is safe, never stored or sold
  • Always secure and data is fully encrypted

Do more with less

  • Pinngle is a compact app that uses minimal storage and data on your phone
  • Can decrease battery use by up to 40%

Communication is key

  • Supports offline calling to keep you connected anywhere you are
  • Can send files of all types and up to any size
  • Offers clear voice call quality as well as high-definition video chats

A borderless world is a better world

  • Is able to connect people no matter where they are
  • Can overcome call blocks unlike other VoIP apps
  • Works smoothly with weaker internet connections such as 2G and slow Wi-Fi
  • Virtual numbers make getting a local number in another country easy, so your clients or friends overseas can reach you

Be fearless and authentic

  • Express yourself with the freedom of knowing all your communications are private
  • Try Pinngle Public Channels to build a network and share your creative content or lifestyle

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