When boredom strikes, we bet the first thing you’ll do is take out your cellphone and go through your apps. We all get bored at some time, and that’s why we’ve created a list of apps for you to occupy your time and stay fully entertained.

1. Pinngle Safe Messenger 

As the name suggests, Pinngle safe messanger is a free calling and instant messaging app that supports high quality voice and video calls with total security. Messaging apps nowadays aren’t just for texting. Besides offering free voice and video calls, Pinngle has a unique broadcasting feature called Pinngle Public Channels. Pinngle Public Channels allows you to create or discover unique and exclusive content. Anyone can create a public channel on Pinngle and you are free to post any type of content. Content ranging from photos, videos, files, to links, texts, podcasts and even playlists.

Pinngle Safe Messenger iOS
Pinngle Safe Messenger Android 

2 .Feedly

As a great RSS reader, Feedly presents the latest stories from your favorite media outlets and blogs in an interactive way, which is also easy to browse. Using Feedly, you can easily organize all your publications, blogs, YouTube channels, and more in one place and know the latest news and share it efficiently. Use Feedly to read blogs, learn new topics, and track keywords, brands, and companies.

Freedly iOS 
Freedly Android 

3 . Flipboard

Flipboard is developed to turn your social media feeds into a magazine that’s constantly updating and displaying the latest from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and other platforms in a nice way. More importantly, the app is able to add content from specific RSS feeds or based on specific subjects, thus providing a personalized digital magazine. Flipboard organizes the world’s stories to offer you the best news from all your passions in one place.

Flipboard iOS 
Flipboard Android 

4 . Flixster

Thanks to Movies by Flixster, you can get to know what’s on at a local cinema based on your location. The app enables you to select a film and know where and when it’s playing nearby. Using Movies by Flixster, you can browse the latest movies, sort them based on theaters, ratings and reviews, search movies, watch new trailers, get Rotten Tomatoes® scores, save your favorite theaters, purchase tickets, and more.

Flixster iOS 
Flixter Android 

5 . VLC

VLC media player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player. It’s developed to play every video format you’ll encounter. If you like to source movies from various locations, this is the best app for you. The app is ad-free and won’t take all your personal data either. VLC can play any video and audio files, and also network streams, network shares and drives, as well as DVD ISOs. the app comes with a widget for audio control, offers headset control, and much more.

VLC android 

6 . TuneIn Radio

With TuneIn Radio, you can enjoy your favorite radio stations for free. The app provides more than 100.000 stations and the largest free selection of sports, news, music, and talk radio from all over the world. You can use TuneIn Radio to listen to audio streams from around the world, which can be browsed by location, genre or what’s trending. Moreover, you can use the app as an on-demand podcast player. Another great feature offered by the app is that you can download and listen offline to both podcasts and audiobooks.

TuneIn iOS 
TuneIn Android 

7 . NASA App

Using the NASA app, you can enjoy the latest images, videos, mission information, news, featured stories, tweets, NASA TV and featured content from the NASA archive. You can also view upcoming sighting opportunities for the International Space Station and get notifications before they happen, and watch live streaming video from the High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment on the International Space Station. The app displays satellite tracking 2D maps and 3D earth models with the International Space Station and other Earth orbiting satellites. These aren’t the only features offered by the NASA app; you can enjoy much more using the app.

NASA Android 

8 . Audible

Audible is a fine app with which you can listen to your books just on the go. On Audible, you can find all the best sellers: classics, non-fiction, and more, which are professionally narrated by the world’s best actors and performers. Using the app, you can skip ahead or back by 30 seconds, navigate through chapters, use the sleep timer, speed up or slow down the narration, try free samples, and more.

Audible IOS
Audible Android

9 . Netflix

To use the app, you should have a Netflix account. Using the app, you can watch your favorite on-demand TV shows and films, including award-winning Netflix original series, movies, and documentaries. Netflix also offers a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment. Instantly streams on iOS devices or on the web.

Netflix IOS
Netflix Android

10 . Instapaper

Instapaper offers a charmingly user-friendly way of consuming advertising-funded content so that you don’t have to look at the adverts. The app provides a simple way of saving and storing articles for reading: offline, on-to-go, anytime, anywhere, and in a perfect format. The app has a mobile-optimized text view and comes with features like text-to-speech, which you can control via your Apple Watch.

Instapaper IOS
Instapaper Android 

11 . Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle app offers a pleasant, comfortable, and customizable reading experience. It comes with a built-in dictionary, easy and fast navigation and search, as well as options for customization. Using the app, you can enjoy a store with a large eBook selection, which can easily be browsed from an iOS device. eBooks (both with or without narration) will automatically appear in your app. Using the app, you can enjoy instant translations and definitions, without leaving the page, and lots of other great features.

Kindle IOS
Kindle Android

12 . SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform. On SoundCloud, you can find the latest music trends and the best DJs around the world. This is a great opportunity to enjoy and listen to songs for free and, sometimes, even be able to legally download songs. Using the app, you can also follow friends and artists, discover podcasts, comedy and even listen to the news. Thanks to this app, you can enjoy amazing hip hop, electronic, rock, classical, jazz, podcasts, audiobooks, sports and much more.

SoundCloud IOS 
SoundCloud Android 

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