Deciding where to publish your content takes strategy. The type of content you produce, your target audience, and even your personal values can play a part in deciding where to send your content. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or you’re just starting out, here are some platforms you should consider (and why).  

1. Medium

Why: It’s free and reader-focused, and allows solo posts as well as contributing to publications.

WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr were well-known in the blogging world, when Medium swooped in. Like the Robin Hood of the internet, Medium claims a refuge for readers and writers of quality content.

Medium rewards posts based off their quality rather than their clicks. So you won’t find misleading headlines and shallow content. Medium lets the reader decide the quality of a post. In fact, a post’s reading rates and number of recommendations are essential ingredients in the Medium Recipe for Success.

Medium has accumulated a broad audience interested in a broad range of topics. Whether you’re posting solo or contributing to publications, it’s free to make an account and start posting on Medium.

2. Publiq

Why: Fighting fake news and plagiarism is cool. Doing it with blockchain is cooler.

The internet is a vast pool of information… and misinformation. But rising above the murky waters of fake news and click-bait articles, is a lotus. A blockchain-based lotus called Publiq.

Publiq is a nonprofit platform using blockchain to battle fake news and plagiarism. As the web teems with indecent writers trying to gobble up clicks, Publiq is an ecosystem that nurtures credible and original content. Through blockchain-based technology, all content distributed through Publiq can be traced back to its author, hence protecting writers’ copyrights, and making it possible to verify the legitimacy of the information.

You can do solo posts or contribute to publications. Become an author and start publishing on Publiq.

3. Instagram

Why: Giant audience, hashtags and visual appeal earn you a lot of visibility.

Like a fishing hook in an oceansized audience, Instagram can boost your visibility and even challenge your visual marketing skills.

If you’ve already made it this far without publishing on Instagram, we expected your skepticism. But here’s why you should reconsider:

  • Direct IG users to your main site for quality traffic
  • Get targeted reach by piggybacking the right hashtags
  • Get free analytics by turning your account into a business account
  • Boost and diversify your following, catch people who may never come across your blog otherwise
  • Writer and poetscan have great success on IG. Make visuals out of your favorite lines to hook people in
  • Capture the attention of popular accounts who will repost you and increase your visibility

If that didn’t work, keep scrolling, I guess.

4. Pinngle Public Channels

Why: Ad-free and spam-free channels give you instant reach and the opportunity to engage with followers around the world.

Whether you’re a content creator, influencer, or a blogger, Public Channels are one of the coolest features of the free messaging app Pinngle. You can share essentially anything – from images and videos to links and files – to a stream of followers. Best of all, Pinngle’s positioning as an international app means you can get global reach by managing a single channel.

Since Pinngle is focused on keeping quality content on its channels, the platform is ad-free and spam-free. You’ll draw traffic from people who care about good content, and you can even invite followers to engage with you by enabling an option for them to send you a direct private message. This direct messaging option, combined with simple likes/dislikes, will clue you in on what your audience is thinking. And, if you’d rather decrease clutter and save time, you’ll be glad followers can’t comment on posts in your channel. Busy people rejoice!

You can start a channel immediately, download Pinngle for Android or iOS and check out Pinngle’s other features.

5. Guest Posts

Why: Guest posts sharpen your writing skills and increase your credibility.

We’re happy for you if you’re perfectly comfortable publishing on your personal blog. But unless you only write for yourself, we have to be that friend that tells you, “You should get out more.” Also. Lose the slippers.

Guest posting keeps your writing skills nimble while giving you feedback and visibility. Writing for different audiences and platforms is not only a refreshing writing exercise, but will also get you more constructive feedback than you would get from readers in your own blogging bubble. This exposure will also drive more quality traffic to your personal blog and boost your credibility and online presence.

Besides, you don’t want to risk looking vain by offering nothing but your personal blog when asked for sample work. Seriously, lose the slippers.

Takeaway: Don’t limit yourself to one platform

Platforms come and go like waves, so don’t get too comfortable in one place. If you have the time to invest in it, it’s worth publish your content across different platforms. Choose platforms that foster quality content and a receptive audience.

Where do you like to publish content?

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