The telecommunications industry is developing and evolving incredibly fast. In recent years, the telecom industry has become one of the fastest growing industries. It has brought a real revolution in the way people communicate and has opened up new doors for businesses to thrive. Moreover, with 5G already on its way to become global, the telecom industry will become an even more instantaneous, faster system and innovative.

The rapidly shifting technology landscape has had its great impact on the telecom sector, in the wake of which we’ve witnessed a number of stunning innovations that have completely changed the way people work and live.

It’s a common knowledge that mobile messaging apps are among the greatest innovations brought by the telecom industry. Today, hardly anyone can imagine his/her life without instant messaging (IM) apps. Popular messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Pinngle, and others have even exceeded the number of social media users in terms of monthly active users. All of these apps offer a number of useful and interesting features.

Here is a list of top 5 telecom companies in the world:


AT&T, Inc. is a holding company providing telecommunications and digital entertainment services. The company was founded in 1983 and operates through a number of segments such as Business Solutions, Entertainment Group, Consumer Mobility, and International. AT&T boasts $163.79 billion in annual sales. Satellite TV provider DirecTV and several smaller wireless outfits have recently been acquired by the company. In 2016, the sales of Dallas-based AT&T grew 11% and 3 million wireless subscribers were added in the 4th quarter alone.

Verizon Communications

Verizon Communications, Inc. is based in New York and was founded in 1995. The company’s sales make up $125.98 B. Verizon is a holding company providing broadband and communications services. The company operates in segments such as Wireless and Wireline. The overall sales of the company dropped 4.3% and its profits decreased by a quarter to $13.6 billion. Verizon added 2.3 million wireless customers in 2016.

China Mobile

China Mobile LTD was founded in 1997. Its headquarters are based in Hong Kong. The company’s sales make up $106.76 B. China Mobile is an investment holding company offering mobile services through the global system for communications, or GSM standard. The number of subscribers is nearly 849 million. Between January and December 2016, its customer base increased 2.5%.

The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation 

The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) is headquartered in Tokyo. The company’s sales make up $76.8 B. The Company was established as a monopoly government-owned corporation as Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation in 1952. Later, it was privatized in 1985 to encourage competition in the telecom market. Unlike other telecommunications companies, much of the company’s business comes from fiber internet connections and not from bundle packages.

Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutsche Telekom AG is headquartered in Bonn. The company was formed in 1996, as the former state-owned monopoly Deutsche Bundespost was privatized. Deutsche Telekom AG provides services for over 100 million customers. The company’s sales make up $76.8 B. Deutsche Telekom AG gets more than half of its revenue outside of Germany. In 2013, the company became the 1st telecommunications company to present a smartphone with the Firefox OS.

According to Statista, the telecom service industry, is a trillion- dollar market projected to grow in the next few years. By the end of 2023, About 1,655 billion U.S. dollars is forecast to be spent globally in telecom services. Moreover, the telecom software industry is forecast to generate revenues of 82.2 billion U.S. dollars worldwide by the end of  2020. As you can see, the telecom industry is big and it will become bigger with the implementation of 5G in the upcoming years. 

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