Freedom of speech and freedom of communication are things people all over are interested in. These are issues that have been in the center of attention throughout the history. With the rise of technology, many things have changed over time. So, what is communication freedom? How do modern people perceive it these days? How people communicate more freely nowadays? To get answers to these questions, just read the article below.

Communication Freedom and Freedom of Speech


communication freedom

Freedom of speech represents the concept of the human right to express one’s opinion publicly. This is the right to voice your opinion without fear of censorship or punishment. Of course, the idea of speech doesn’t only suggest public speaking. Generally, it has to do with other forms of expression as well.

The right of freedom of speech is preserved in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The laws of the majority of nations have formally recognized the right. However, the degree to which the right is put into practice is different in different parts of the world. In fact, different nations have different views on the right.

To make public debates richer, the UN Commission on Human Rights has taken certain steps. Specifically, it’s requested all the countries of the world not to avoid encouraging a diversity of ownership of media. This also refers to the sources of information. So, countries are called on to encourage such diversity through transparent systems and effective regulations.

What about millennials? What’s their opinion concerning the freedom of communication? Let’s take a recent survey at the University of Chicago. It shows that almost half of the millennials polled think that colleges should impose limits on the freedom of speech “in extreme cases.” By extreme cases, they mean insults, and other intentionally offensive language and costumes. This means all types of expressions that stereotype specific racial and ethnic groups.

By the way, over 60% of Germans have also expressed their positive attitude towards speech limitations. They think the government should be able to prevent speech that could offend minorities.

Get the Freedom of Communication and Speech You Need


communication freedom

The internet and higher technologies have worked their way into our lives. People living nowadays, especially millennials and younger generations, grew up surfing the internet. So, the lines between the online world and the reality are getting more and more blurred day by day.

Can anyone imagine his/her life without the internet and the ability to connect with others right off the bat? Hardly. Don’t you have the feeling that the advances in technology make you interact with others in the online world more and more often? What’s the final result of such interaction over the internet? The result is communication freedom.

Technological advancements existing nowadays promote non-stop communication. Moreover, technology encourages communication and socialization. So, it’s no surprise that you, as part of today’s society, feel a greater need for freedom and liberty.

You love to watch videos and create them yourself. As incredibly bright, highly tech-savvy, conscientious men and women, you love to express yourself freely. You look for an environment that fosters freedom and embraces autonomy.

Formal memos, long emails and, in some cases, lengthy meetings or conference calls are increasingly becoming things of the past. Now, communication mostly occurs via instant messaging (IM) apps. No matter you’re in the office or at the gym, you prefer to text. This is also true of business deals.

Instant messaging apps like Pinngle pride themselves on granting you the freedom of speech you need. Whether you’re in a VoIP-blocked country, or in a remote corner of the world, you can enjoy your desired communication freedom. Send files with no limits and talk for free. Stop worrying about a poor internet connection and protect your privacy for 100%. Interested? Why not try?  

Freedom of communication and speech is a value that’s of immense importance all over the world. Use the amazing opportunities of our increasingly digital world to enjoy higher levels of freedom. Be free to express yourself and connect with others.

What communication means do you use to express yourself more freely? We’d love for you to share it with us in the comments below.

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