Best Free Music, Audio, and Video Apps for Android 2017

Best Free Music, Audio, and Video Apps for Android 2017

Going mobile is a trend that dominates in all spheres of our work and life. The number of people using smartphones is growing with rapid advances. Mobile companies are working on developing more advanced and interesting applications to attract more and more users all over the world, and music, audio, and video apps are among […]

Best Free Travel, Weather, and Health Apps for Android 2017

Best Free Travel, Weather, and Health Apps for Android 2017

Smartphone applications, both instant messaging (IM) and those developed for a variety of other purposes, have completely changed the way people work and live. They have opened up doors for new possibilities such as travel planning, getting weather information, ordering your favorite food, shopping, booking tickets, and more. If you take, e.g., Pinngle, a new […]

Best Free Art and Design Apps for Android 2017

Mobile applications have become so much popular in recent years that people have even become addicted to them. This is especially true of instant messaging apps (IM) that are now 20% more popular than social media platforms in terms of monthly active users. The field is wide and diverse. People with different interests can find […]

best free photo apps for Android 2017

Best Free Photography Apps for Android 2017

The mobile industry is developing with rapid advances and mobile companies are working on developing new, innovative solutions for consumers. Today, the mobile app market boasts a great variety of mobile applications developed for different purposes. Instant messaging (IM) apps like Pinngle are among the most widespread messaging apps among users. Pinngle is a free […]

mobile app development trends

The Future of Mobile Application Development. 7 Trends.

The mobile app market is developing with rapid advances. This is a huge industry, which witnesses growth and changes daily. In the wake of this, the number of mobile apps in the market has skyrocketed. More and more people are choosing to use instant messaging (IM) apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Pinngle to keep in touch […]

mobile technology trends 2017 and beyond

13 Mobile Technology Trends for 2017 and Beyond

The modern world of technology is changing and developing unbelievably fast. The innovation in technology is taking a huge leap, and the line between what is real and what is digital is becoming thinner and thinner. Particularly, mobile technology isn’t only changing the way people work and live, but is also defining it. The development […]

mobile and messaging app statistics

Messaging App and Mobile Phone Statistics to Know

Mobile phones go on developing and evolving incredibly fast. Mobile phone companies don’t stop offering innovative mobile phone feature to users, thus making mobile phones inextricably linked to our everyday work and life. As a result, mobile messaging apps are on the rise. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the growth of the Internet […]

Future of Communication

The Future of Communication

A lot has changed in the way people communicate these days and a lot more is expected to change in the future. The rise of the Internet and technological advances in the field enable modern people to enjoy advanced means of communication that seemed impossible in the past. The Way People Communicate Is Changing   […]

Choose Pinngle for Privacy Protection in Iran

Your Privacy Is 100% Protected. Choose Pinngle in Iran.

In the modern world of the Internet and high technologies, people are becoming more and more concerned about their online privacy and looking for better ways to get increased data protection. Pinngle, a free instant messaging (IM) app offering ultimate privacy protection, can be the best option for users in Iran. Online Data Protection. End-to-End […]

What Is VoIP?

What Is VoIP?

While talking about Pinngle and its great features in our articles, there is an issue that can’t be overlooked: Pinngle is a cross-platform instant messaging and voice over IP or VoIP mobile application. Do you know what is VoIP? This article is going to discuss VoIP and how this relatively new technology has already become […]