Are you interested in whether your messenger is stealing your data? How is this possible? How can you prevent your data from being stolen? All these are questions users of messengers all over the world are seeking answers for.

No matter someone/something is stealing your ideas, work, money, the data on your phone, or anything else, it’s not good, at least. Since all types of thieves are acting in disguise, you need to take a closer look and go into details to see what’s going on.

Don’t wait that any thief will be brave or honest enough to confess or “bring your data back.” So, be better informed and take the right measures to avoid situations or things that are unpleasant to you.

This article will tell you about the problems associated with messenger data. Also, you’ll learn how to choose a messaging app with better data protection.  

Messengers Are Stealing Your Data: What’s the Problem?



Why has messenger data become so much important for people all over the world? Well, people can now spend almost 15-20% of their mobile time on messaging apps per month. So, it’s no wonder that you, as a user, are concerned about your messenger data. What data problems can you come across while using a chat app?

  • Data Security

Data breaches have become so much widespread all over the world. Security companies are spending billions of dollars on developing better security measures. On the other hand, hackers or data thieves go on improving their “skills and methods.” The greater mastery they have, the better they can cheat you.

The number of data breaches has never been so high before. Both social security numbers, and user account login names and passwords fall under hackers’ target. Even the world’s biggest companies have been hacked. Billions of accounts have already been attacked.

The ability to monitor your traffic enables third parties to access the content you share. So, your data can become available to telecom providers, governments, police, and others easily.

  • Data Usage

Data usage or the so-called bandwidth is another important thing that can cause problems for you. It shows the number of kilobytes your messenger consumes during a fixed amount of time.

Data usage, especially for messenger apps, is gaining more importance in terms of efficiency and quality of use. What is more, the more data you use, the more you’re going to spend.

So, how you can choose the most secure messaging app for Android and iOS?

How You Can Save the Situation



People are becoming more addicted to their mobile devices, especially messengers. That’s why data security and low data usage are so critical for the users of messaging apps. What should you do to avoid people or things that steal your data?

  • Use a Messenger That’s Encrypted and Doesn’t Store Data on Its Servers

The word “encryption” has, in fact, turned into a buzzword these days. Cyber security professionals don’t stop warning people to be wary when downloading apps. Why? Cyber criminals have recently been focusing their attention on messaging apps.

So, look for a safe and secure messenger that won’t give your most sensitive information away. Use an end-to-end encrypted messaging app. It’ll turn the information of your messages and calls into a coded form for any third party. A chat app like this will turn the coded information into a normal form only for you and the person you’re communicating with.

Beyond that, it’s highly important to use a messenger that doesn’t store your personal information on its servers. Messaging apps that are serverless provide the highest level of privacy protection.

  • Choose a Messenger That Doesn’t Consume Much Data

To stop losing your data, use a messaging app that consumes low data. Low data usage means you’ll use less of the often limited megabytes you have on your phone.

Also, data usage efficiency means saving money on internet usage. Moreover, the ability to operate with less data helps your messenger work even with the poorest internet connection.  

You can’t find all the mentioned security features with lots of messengers. Consider using Pinngle, a free instant messaging app. Pinngle uses up to 30%-40% less data as compared to other options available. Also, this messenger provides end-to-end encryption across all its platforms and does it automatically. Besides, Pinngle never stores your information on its servers.

Having a better idea of important security tips, you can protect your data more successfully. It’ll be difficult for anyone to use your personal data for their own purposes, which are far away from being good. Also, you won’t lose the internet data you have on your phone. Don’t waste your time and efforts on someone or something that’s capable of accessing your data or stealing it. Instead, look for a messaging app that offers the quality you need.

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