Line is one of the leading messaging apps in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, it has been reported that Line lost more than 2 million active users since 2017 due to weak functionality and implementation of the app. If you’re having troubles with Line, find out the main issues behind the app and see what you could do.  

Below are some complaints from Line users :

  • Not receiving notifications 
  • Unable to receive messages 
  • The app does not work even with VPN 
  • Difficulties connecting to the internet 
  • Unable to login 
  • Not receiving the verification code 
  • Video calls not working 

Countries Facing Issues with Line

  • The Middle East ( UAE- KSA- Bahrain-Qatar)
  • China 
  • Japan
  • Taiwan 
  • Thailand
  • Turkmenistan  

 *By the way, if you also use Telegram, you can learn about the bugs here and see what you could do . 

Pinngle Messenger: The Best Alternative to Line

Line not working

If you’re unsatisfied with Line’s functionality, you can always opt for another app. An instant messaging app that will meet your expectations such as Pinngle. Pinngle is a messaging app that enables people to communicate freely with a high-quality connection and total security.

Here are some of Pinngle’s features that will leave you eager to download the app.

Overcome Voice and Video Call Blocking

Pinngle Messenger has an anti-blocking technology that enables people to make voice and video calls in countries where VOIP calling services are banned.

Works Perfectly Well on 2G or Poor WiFi

Unlike other messaging apps, with Pinngle, you can still make calls and text when you’re connected to poor Wifi or 2G network. And even if you’re in a place where many people are connected to the same WiFi router, Pinngle can operate smoothly when the wifi hotspot gets overloaded.

No Internet? No Problem

Pinngle Messenger is the only app that allows you to make calls when there is almost no WiFi through its Callback feature. All you need to do is add funds in your account and Pinngle will connect you immediately with your desired number.

Text and Make Calls with Total Security

Ensuring your privacy and security is Pinngle’s top priority. Because privacy and security matter, Pinngle Messenger is here to secure all your messages with its end-to-end-encryption-data and serverless architecture. With this system of communication, no one can pry on your messages not even government authorities or Pinngle itself.

Pinngle Public Channels

Pinngle is offering a feature where you can broadcast content to your followers. This feature is called Pinngle Public Channels. Anyone can create a Pinngle Public Channel. Whether you’re an influencer, celebrity, fangirl/boy, or even a business owner, Pinngle Public Channel is open to anyone!

Other Interesting Features!

  • Virtual international numbers at low cost 
  • Free stickers to spice up your conversation 
  • Talk more with less MB bandwidth usage.
  • Share your location whenever you want, wherever you go
  • Create group chats and add up to 50,000 users 
  •  Share unlimited photos, videos, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets in any format
  • Saves your battery upto 40%

Pinngle Messenger is created to connect everyone in the world even when other apps get shut down or blocked. If you think Pinngle could satisfy your messaging needs, join the millions now and enjoy making free high-quality calls worldwide.

You can easily download Pinngle now from Google play or download Pinngle from AppStore.


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