Are you having problems with KakaoTalk messenger? You’re not alone.

KakaoTalk has a range of features ranging from voice and video calls to games and polls. It is the dominant messenger in South Korea and is growing in popularity throughout Southeast Asia. But KakaoTalk has a range of problems too. Read on to learn about common problems with KakaoTalk and what you can do to avoid them.

Problems with KakaoTalk

Some common problems with KakaoTalk include:

  • Error message: “Unstable Network Connection” – KakaoTalk displays this message even when users are connected to high speed Wi-Fi networks
  • Chat unavailable
  • Security issues – KakaoTalk does not offer the industry standard of end-to-end data encryption, which is crucial for protecting user data from being accessed by third parties
  • Notifications not working, no message alert – KakaoTalk is not showing notifications on the phone’s display, or does not make notification sounds
  • Video chat not working
  • Losing messages in chat – KakaoTalk stores message data for a limited time, so users lose their messages forever after they expire, or when switching to a new phone
  • Error message: “Connection to KakaoTalk Server Failed”
  • Group calls and voice call not working
  • Does not function with 2G internet connection
  • Picture swipe changing direction

Countries affected most by these issues include:

  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia

An Alternative to KakaoTalk: Pinngle

Kakao not working

If KakaoTalk is not working, you may want to switch to a more reliable messenger, such as Pinngle. Pinngle is also a free messaging app, but it offers safety and security that KakaoTalk does not. If privacy issues with KakaoTalk are a concern for you, it’s better to switch to an app like Pinngle, where privacy is a priority.

Here are just a few of Pinngle’s great features:

Total privacy and security

Pinngle protects user information by making sure it can’t be accessed by third parties. Pinngle always uses end-to-end data encryption, while KakaoTalk only offers encryption in Secret Chats. This measure of security means that with Pinngle, you never need to worry about hackers or anyone else seeing your information. 

Fun features: stickers and public channels

Pinngle offers fun features while keeping a focus on quality content. Most noteworthy are Public Channels where you can discover cool content. Public channels allow content creators, influencers, and celebrities to share content directly with their followers. You can even meet interesting new people by contacting channel creators. When chatting on Pinngle, you can get creative with your conversations with Pinngle sticker packs. Best of all, Pinngle is spam-free and ad-free, so you can sit back and focus on the content that really matters to you.

Able to operate anywhere and can’t be blocked

Because many people live in countries far from their loved ones, Pinngle is designed to be functional in every country. Pinngle can even operate in countries with high internet censorship, and in countries with poor internet connection such as 2G.

Affordable international and Pinngle-out calls

Trying to contact someone in another country? What if that person doesn’t have a messenger app? No problem. Pinngle offers international numbers and Pinngle-out calls at a very low cost, so you can always stay connected.

Low battery and data usage

Pinngle will not burden your phone or your data usage. It is a messenger that does not use a lot of your phone’s data or battery life.

Cheap Virtual Numbers

Thinking of traveling but worrying about roaming chargers and expensive sim cards? Pinngle offers cheap virtual numbers where you’ll be able to receive local calls at affordable prices!

Ready, set, Pinngle!

If you’re tired of experiencing issues with apps like KakaoTalk, Signal, and WhatsApp, it might be time to try something new.

Try Pinngle and let us know what you think! Make sure to have a friend or family member download it too, so you can connect with each other.

Join our community on Pinngle. Download Pinngle from Google Play or download Pinngle from App Store. 


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