The number of Syrian people choosing to live in other countries is growing. So, it’s no surprise that Syrians will most likely connect with their loved ones via messaging apps.  Are you a Syrian expat living abroad? Are you an expat living in Syria? read this article to get to know how you can smoothly and affordably call to and from Syria.

How to make free calls in Syria ? 

1. Download Pinngle Messenger app from App Store or Google Play
2. Register and verify your number either by SMS or voice call
3. Start making high-quality voice and video calls with your contacts

About Pinngle Messenger

Pinngle Messenger is a free messaging app connecting users across the world with instant messaging, voice calls, and video chat. Pinngle was founded in 2016 by a team of developers to solve the problem with standard messaging apps. These problems include trade-off services, sharing user data with third parties, and unable to function in some areas. Today, Pinngle’s mission is to create a better-connected world by making the highest standards of quality, reliability, and privacy accessible to everyone. Pinngle was created as a frontier messaging app that truly serves the people that need it – instead of third parties. With the ability to work everywhere in the world, Pinngle Messenger has now over 5 million users worldwide.

The immigrants and expats of Syria This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Subtitle1-2.png

Syrians have settled in a number of countries across the world and that is because they have fled the country over the course of the Syrian Civil War in 2011. The number of Syrians living in Turkey including refugees and expats as of 2020 is 3,643,700. The second largest country that hosts Syrian refugees and expats is Lebanon with a 2.2 million Syrians residing. Third comes Jordan with 1,265,000 million and Germany with 879,980 thousand Syrian refugees. 

Telecommunications in Syria  

 In syria, there are only 2 major telecommunication operators that rule the market — Syriatel and MTN. Syriatel was founded in 2000, with its headquarters in Damascus, Syria. In 2017 Syriatel introduced 4G speeds offering 150 MB/s speeds. MTN however, was previously known as “Areeba” and offers GSM and 3.5G broadband 4G (LTE) services. 

Pinngle Messenger – The best calling app in Syria 

Are you a Syrian expat living abroad? Then you must be interested in making affordable or free calls to your family, friends, and colleagues in Syria.  What’s the best option to choose? Well, all you need is to go with the right WiFi calling app Pinngle Messenger.

3 ways to call Syria with Pinngle Messenger

Call Syria with Pinngle to Pinngle free voice and video calls 

With Pinngle Messenger, you can make free international calls to anyone using Pinngle Messenger. Pinngle offers high quality voice and video calls and works perfectly well on slow internet. That being said, even if you’re connected to weak internet connections, you will still be able to make crystal clear voice and video calls with your contacts on Pinngle. Above all that, you can text freely and send images, videos, files, playlists and even podcasts.

Pinngle out calls to make cheap international calls  

If you want to call someone who is not on Pinngle, you can use the option of Pinngle out calls. It’s cheap and affordable for making international calls to or from Syria. With Pinngle out, you can even make calls to people who don’t own a smartphone or internet. Above all that, if you wish to call landlines, you can do it through Pinngle – out calls. All you need to have is some credits in your balance and internet to initiate the call.

Virtual numbers to receive international callsThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Subtitle2-3.png

Here’s another way to receive international calls! Unlike Pinngle-out, this paid feature allows you to ONLY receive calls. Pinngle’s virtual numbers can also be viewed as disposable virtual numbers where you can use them temporarily, or as a backup phone number. You can use your virtual number to receive unlimited calls for free. Here’s how virtual numbers on Pinngle work. If you live in Syria and want to receive calls from your relatives in USA, then you should buy a USA virtual number. If you live in USA but you want to receive calls from your relatives in Syria , then you should buy a Syrian virtual number. All you need to do is order your desired country number once and receive free calls for months depending on your subscription plan. Pinngle Messenger is offering virtual phone numbers for more than 35+ countries including Germany starting at 1.50$ only.

Pinngle enables you to make the most out of your long distance calls. One of the greatest things about Pinnlge is its capacity to protect your privacy to the highest extent. No one and nothing can steal your data. What is more, Pinngle provides:

  • Lower data usage for up to 30%-40%
  • “Pinngle Out” for calling any landline/mobile number at the lowest rates possible
  • Public Channels with no ads or spam
  • Operation even with the slowest internet
  • Ability to send files in any format and with no limit
  • Capacity to overcome blocking of chat apps
  • Operation with overloaded WiFi and 2G
  • Availability both for Android and iOS
  • Call forwarding
  • Location sharing
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fun, interesting, and catchy stickers and emojis

And more.

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