Making a call in Qatar without a calling card is easy. Whether you live in Qatar or you have an unexpected layover in the Doha airport, here’s how you can stay in touch.

How to make free calls to Qatar?

1- Download Pinngle app and activate your account
2- Select the contact you want to call.
3- Make a free voice or video call and enjoy a high-quality connection!

About Pinngle Messenger

Pinngle Messenger is a free messaging app for high-quality video and voice calls. Pinngle has been available on the market since 2016. It was invented by a team of developers to solve a problem with standard messaging apps. This problem is that these apps only offer their services with a trade-off; they either share user data with third parties, or they don’t function in areas with limited internet access. Pinngle was created as a frontier messaging app that truly serves the people that need it – instead of third parties. With the ability to work everywhere in the world, Pinngle has millions of users worldwide.

Expats and Telecommunications in Qatar

Demographics of Qatar

The 39th most densely populated country in the world, Qatar has a population of approximately 2.7 million people. The majority of the nation’s residents are concentrated in the capital city, Doha. However, Native Qataris only constitute an estimated 12% of the population. Meanwhile, the remaining 88% of the population is comprised of expats and foreign migrant workers. Some of the most largely represented nationalities of foreign migrant workers are Indian (25%), Nepali (14%), Bangladeshi (11%), Filipino (10%), Egyptian (9%), Sri Lankan (6%), and Pakistani (5%). Unfortunately, Qatar has been known to provide very poorly – sometimes life-threatening – conditions for migrant workers.

Qatar’s Economy

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. Qatar ranks highly on the Human Development Index (HDI) and is one of the more progressive of the Arab nations. For its small size, Qatar is an oil-rich country that has become the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas. In 2018, Qatar had the world’s 6th highest nominal GDP per capita. The government has helped usher this growth by incentivizing high levels of foreign investment.

Telecommunications in Qatar

Qatar is one of the more connected countries in the Arab region. According to the
World Economic Forum’s Network Readiness Index, Qatar’s telecommunication infrastructure is the most highly developed in the Middle East. Furthermore, Qatar is home to the largest international telecommunications company, Ooredoo. Ooredoo has been active since 1987. It received a World Communications Award for “Best Mobile Operator of the Year” in 2013. One of Ooredoo’s branches, Qtel, is Qatar’s main internet service provider (ISP).

Internet and Censorship in Qatar

While Qatar has more advanced telecommunications infrastructure than other countries in the region, they do implement internet filtering and censorship. A U.S. State Department Human Rights report has stated that Qtel, being a state-owned ISP, can monitor and block content. Moreover, Reporters Without Borders reported that Qatar’s government can “spy” on messages sent through other ISPs.

Qatar’s government censors online content through internet filters. Filtering limits the type of media and content that internet users can access. The types of content that the government filters include any content with sexual themes or containing political criticism of GCC countries. Qatar’s internet filtering is regulated by ictQATAR, which states that it only filters content when necessitated by national law.

Do VoIP calling apps work in Qatar?

Most mainstream VoIP calling apps don’t work in Qatar. While you can message with them, their calling functions don’t work. In case you don’t know, VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and is a category of apps which allow people to make voice and video calls via internet connection. WhatsApp and Messenger are two examples of popular VoIP calling apps. Qatar law enforcement has not formally declared that they filter these apps; on the contrary, they are dismissing the block as a technical issue on the apps’ end. One can speculate the block is simply a way that Qtel secures its monopoly on calling services, as alternative calling services are typically detrimental to telecommunication companies’ revenue.

Which VOIP calling apps are blocked in Qatar?

Calling functions on the following apps do not work in Qatar.

Using a VPN to use VoIP apps in Qatar

Many people use third-party VPNs to access VoIP apps. A VPN (short for “Virtual Private Network”) allows people to change the location of their devices so that they can overcome internet restrictions that are specific to their country. A VPN can be either free or paid. Most people will get a free VPN, but these are dangerous because VPN providers do not offer protection for their users’ data and are incredibly susceptible to attack from hackers.

Pinngle Messenger: The Best App for Calling Qatar

Pinngle Messenger aims to be the most reliable messaging service for everyone, no matter where they are in the world, including Qatar! You can use Pinngle to send messages as well as make video calls and phone calls in Qatar.

Pinngle’s company is based on five main values. These values were essential in shaping Pinngle’s features.

People come first

  • Peoples’ data and information is safe, never stored or sold
  • Always secure and fully end-to-end encrypted

Do more with less

  • Pinngle is a compact app that uses minimal storage and data on your phone
  • Can decrease battery use by up to 40%

Communication is key

  • Supports offline calling to keep you connected anywhere you are
  • Can send files of all types and up to any size
  • Easy to make group chats which can include up to 50,000 people
  • Offers clear voice call quality as well as high-definition video chats

A borderless world is a better world

  • Is able to connect people no matter where they are
  • Can overcome call blocks unlike other VoIP apps
  • Works smoothly with weaker internet connections such as 2G and slow Wi-Fi
  • Virtual numbers make getting a local number in another country easy, so your clients or friends overseas can reach you

Be fearless and authentic

  • Express yourself with the freedom of knowing all your communications are private
  • Try Pinngle Public Channels to build a network and share your creative content or lifestyle

Pinngle for Calls to Qatar or a stop in the Doha Airport

Whether you’re calling someone in Qatar or have to make a call from the Doha airport, Pinngle Messenger is the best calling app in Qatar for your needs. Unlike other VoIP calling apps, you don’t need to worry about call blocking. And as long as you are making calls over Wi-Fi connections, you also don’t have to any roaming charges.


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