spend summer

It’s Summer! How to Spend Summer?

Discover tips to spend summer in a bright and interesting way. Learn why summer starts on June 21. See how you can make this summer differ from the other ones in your life.

business apps

5 business apps that will make your work easier

In business life, we have got a lot of tasks to carry out every day. Sometimes it is very difficult to handle all of them, especially if you work alone or have a small team. That’s why during last years different business apps have been created to help us in one or the other of all the things that we have to do. Today we present to you 5 of them that can make your work a lot easier.

world music day

It’s World Music Day!

Read about World Music Day and its history. Discover ideas that can help you make the Fête de la Musique unforgettable.


Interview with Ivelina Georgieva about Italy, Naples, and Online Communities

The absolute majority of tourists consider Italy the best country for summer holidays. Ivelina is one of the founders of the portal, which helps Russian-speaking tourists and residents of Italy to find all the necessary information about this country, and become part of such a family-like online community.