Is Wickr me messenger not working again? Read this article to discover the bugs behind the app!

Wickr me, also known among its users as the “secret messaging app”, allows users to send and receive content-expiring messages. This popular US-based messaging app claims to encrypt users’ messages by keeping their data scrambled when passing through the company’s servers. But similar to whatsappviber, and telegram, the app has been constantly struggling with many bugs, especially after the latest software update.

Common Bugs Among Wickr me Users

  • Does not work without VPN
  • Able to re-read “deleted” messages
  • Wickr me is crushing all the time with the text: network error
  • Cannot log in to the new version
  • Constantly closing and reopening the app to get messages
  • The interface is not friendly or intuitive to use
  • Call drops constantly in good reception or wifi connection areas
  • Sending files and photos take too much time
  • Not receiving a notification when someone is taking a screenshot
  • Unable to send and receive messages on 2G

Countries Effected by Wickr me’s Bugs

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • UK

Pinngle Messenger: Best Alternative to Wickr me

If Wickr me is not working, try its best alternative – Pinngle Messenger. Pinngle is a messaging app that allows users to text and voice/video call freely and securely. Unlike Wickr me, Pinngle functions perfectly with almost no bugs or glitches.

Why Download Pinngle?

Wickr me not working

Works Literally Everywhere

For people living in countries with censored internet and calling blockage, Pinngle Messenger has an anti-blocking technology that allows users to access Pinngle without using VPNs or other third party apps.

Operates on Any Mobile Phone Generations

Pinngle Messenger has the capacity to operate on 4G, 3G and even on 2G! And unlike Wickr me, you can still make and receive texts/calls on weak or overloaded WiFi reception.

With Pinngle, Your Data is Always Safe

Pinngle encrypts all you calls and messages, meaning, only the sender and the recipient are able to access the sent messages. Unlike Wickr me, Pinngle has a serverless architecture. That being said, Pinngle Messenger never stores your data on its servers.

Virtual Number, as a Backup Phone Number

Here’s something that no other messaging app has – Virtual Numbers. Pinngle Messenger offers a wide range of virtual numbers. You can now purchase them at low rates and receive international calls from any country.

Broadcasting Opportunity – Pinngle Public Channels

Pinngle offers a fun discovery feature called Pinngle Public Channels. Pinngle Public Channel is created for users and influencers to share and discover exclusive content. Anyone can create a channel on Pinngle! Whether you’re an influencer, business owner or a celebrity, you can share anything from videos, texts, pictures, links, to files, podcasts, and even playlists.  

More about Pinngle’s Features Other Interesting Features!

  • Free stickers to spice up your conversation 
  • Talk more with less MB bandwidth usage.
  • Share your location whenever you want, wherever you go
  • Create group chats and add up to 50,000 users 
  •  Share unlimited photos, videos, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets in any format
  • Saves your battery upto 40%
  • High quality voice and video calls

If you’re constantly struggling with Wickr me’s bugs, it’s never too late to try another alternative. Download Pinngle Messenger and give it a try because we’re pretty sure you’ll love it <3

You can easily download Pinngle now from Google play or download Pinngle from AppStore.


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