It’s January first. You’re in bed and just opened your eyes probably wondering where you are or what time it is. Your head is pounding and your stomach is upset from all the alcohol you drank yesterday. You’re most likely confused and have no idea what to do next. And if that’s really the case, then read this article to find out what to do on the day after New Year’s Eve. 

Shower and Sober up

We all agree the hardest thing about January first is getting out of our  beds. But for once, let us seize the opportunity and wake up promptly on this very blessing day. First things first, start off your day with a long relaxing bath to calm your mind and nerves from all the hangover anxiety. 

Have a light healthy breakfast/lunch.

The hangover cure is not over yet. Once you get off the shower, have yourself a cup of coffee or tea to get rid of all the grogginess. Also, drink as much water as possible to detox your body from all the alcohol you consumed yesterday. As for lunch, avoid greasy food and have something light and healthy instead. Perhaps a bowl of chicken noodle soup or 2 egg omlette?    

Get in touch with your loved ones 

Now that you’re feeling much better, its time for you to call your loved ones overseas to wish them a Happy New Year. Or, call your friends and thank them for all the gifts you’ve received. Also, for spending the most wonderful time of the year together. 

Share Your Pics 

You’ve had a wild New Year’s Eve party! Aren’t you going to share some pictures on social media? Or maybe send them privately if they are too embarrassing to be posted online? By the way, you can send unlimited photos with any format with Pinngle App. Pinngle is a messaging and calling app that allows you to voice/video call among Pinngle users around the world for free. So go ahead and send as many files you want via Pringle app.

Start off your new year resolution

 It is said that September is the perfect time to make resolutions and set new goals. By now, you probably already know what your new year resolution is. But if you haven’t made one yet, you’re never too late. It is still the first day of January and you’ve got a whole 365 days waiting for you. Whether you’re planning on losing weight, quitting smoking, eating healthier, or saving money it’s never impossible to achieve your goals with a determined mind of yours. 

Catch up with your Horoscope

Do you believe in astrology? Find out what your horoscope is saying in general about the year 2019. Learn what to expect for your relationships, friendship, work, or love life. Rumor has it that the stars are sending positive signs for all the horoscopes this year… so goodluck 🙂 

Party Again!

It’s almost the end of the day. You’ve probably done all the things listed above and feeling better than ever. If you’re wondering what to do next, just grab your coat and head to the nearest club to continue where you left off yesterday! 

Pinngle team wishes you a happy holiday season and a year full of prosperity! 🙂 

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