Are you an influencer looking for better ways to broadcast your content? Try apps that provide secure  Public Channels. If you have been using Telegram’s channel and started having second thoughts about its privacy protocols, the time has come for you to switch. Whatever rumors you probably heard about Telegram’s privacy protocols on social media are true! Telegram chats indeed have zero encryption, meaning all your data is being monitored and saved on their servers. The good news is,  there are other secure apps that use strong encryption.  One such app is Pinngle Messenger. If you are an influencer, Pinngle can be the best Telegram channel alternative for you. How so? Let’s find out in this article.

Why Switch to Pinngle App

Ever since its launch in 2013, Telegram has been considered a secure messaging app. The app was supposedly developed to be a safe VoIP app that third parties cannot obstruct. However recently, users began to suspect its privacy protocols. It has been proven that Telegram does not encrypt your data.  That being said, all of the users’ messages and calls are automatically being saved on Telegram’s servers. According to encryption and security experts, “Telegram has a wide range of security issues and doesn’t live up to its proclamations as a safe and secure messaging application.” In addition, Edward Snowden, the president of Freedom Of Press, publicly criticized Telegram for having unsafe and censorable public channels. Moreover, he also stated in his tweets that the Iranian government is using Telegram app to track down user conversations for political advantages.

telegram channel alternative

telegram channel alternative

What is Pinngle Public Channels Offering

Pinngle public channel simply provides all the necessities for influencers, content creators, and social activists to grow their audience rapidly. As a public channel onwer, you’ll be able to connect with your audience through various ways. You can send out texts, images, videos, large files, PDFs, documents, and even podcasts and playlists!

Here are some technical features Pinngle offers for influencers

Telegram Channel Alternative

  • Allow/prevent your followers to message you or call you for free
  • You will be able to see how many likes and dislikes your post gets
  • Add other admins to help you with managing the channel
  • Delete your channel whenever you want
  • When you post in a channel, the notification will be sent with your channel’s name, and not your phone number
  • As the owner of the channel, you will get a unique external link for your channel which you can share with anyone
  • You can have an archive of the files, documents, and links you have shared on your channel

Below are some amazing features Pinngle channels offer for users

Telegram Channel Alternative

  • Get to follow the greatest trends in the online world
  • Follow and engage with your favorite influencers
  • Call and message channel owners directly through Pinngle
  • Receive quality content on the go
  • Put likes or dislikes to show your attitude
  • Enjoy the ad-free, spam-free environment

Mute channel notifications for up to a day and then unmute whenever you want

What Does Pinngle Public Channel Offer That Telegram Doesn’t 

Telegram Channel Alternative

Pinngle Works in VoIP Blocked Countries

To begin with, the most distinctive feature of Pinngle is that it works in countries where VoIP services are blocked. Therefore, if you’re an influencer, you can rest assured about your engagement rate because your content is reaching out to the whole world.  As for Telegram, not everyone has access to use the app. In several countries like Russia and Iran, Telegram app is blocked. So as an influencer, it is extremely crucial to choose the right app that works everywhere!

Pinngle had Like and Dislike Buttons 

As an influencer, it is also very significant to receive honest feedback about your content. The emergence of like and dislike buttons are important signals for content creators. Pinngle, unlike Telegram, has the option for users to like or dislike any content the influencer shares with their followers. This feature is a great opportunity for you as an influencer to spot your most desired content. By knowing the number of likes and dislikes, the influencer will understand what content to publish next. That being said, as an influencer, you will know which type of content is more engaging and followers are more interested in.

Pinngle Allows Voice Calling & Private Messaging with Influencers

As a user on Pinngle, you have the chance to call and text your favorite channel owners for free! This is a great opportunity for hardcore devoted fans to communicate privately with their favorite influencers. However, you may find that not all Pinngle channels have that option since Influencers can enable and disable the texting and calling option anytime they want. Contrarily, Telegram does not have this option. The user cannot directly initiate a voice call with the owner of the channel. Telegram only allows basic contact information such as email or website address to its followers.

Pinngle Channels Have No Censorship and are  Encrypted

As previously mentioned, in some countries, Telegram censors public channels and some governments use the app to track down users’ conversations. As an influencer, you do not want your content to be removed simply for irrelevant reasons.  Moreover, you do not want third parties to interfere with your content. To ensure better privacy and encryption, you can switch to Pinngle app. With Pinngle app, every action you take is safe and secured.  Why? Because Pinngle uses high methods of encryption methods.  With Pinngle,  all your text message and calls are encrypted by default.

Telegram Channel Alternative

If you’re looking for the finest app to create a public channel, you should take Telegram’s potential flaws into consideration. Also, before you plan on launching a public channel, always aim for the most secured app. An app like Pinngle that works everywhere around the world.

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