Today, you can find a plently of mobile apps on App Store and Google Play. Mobile messaging apps are among the most popular apps these days. The number of mobile messaging app users all over the world continues to grow at a significant rate, even after 3 years of double-digit growth. According to eMarketer, such growth will drop to single-digit rates in 2019, as penetration among smartphone users will reach 80%.

Continue reading the article to discover the best group messaging app.  

Best Group Messaging App

GroupMe Messaging App

GroupMe is a free mobile group messaging app, which was launched in 2010 by the private company GroupMe. In August 2011, Skype acquired the startup for about $80 million. Then, Skype had itself been purchased by Microsoft in 2011. So, now GroupMe is owned by Microsoft.

GroupMe is one of the oldest and best-loved group messaging apps that offers a number of features for keeping in touch with multiple people at once. As of July 2017, GroupMe had 9.22 million monthly active users (MAU) in the US.

  • Share photos, videos,  links, tweets, GIFs, and more with a group of people
  • Share your location
  • Enjoy custom emojis
  • Use event support
  • Mute certain conversations
  • Control your notifications
  • Enjoy saved memories in the gallery
  • Is ideal for families, clubs, teams, groups of travelers, dinner groups, and social fun
  • Use a helpful calendar tool with reminders and attendance to schedule sports games and special events
  • Easily handles groups comprised of 2 -75 members
  • Supports photo  circulation
  • If you need to chat with your friend privately, you should just tap that friend’s avatar for a direct private message
  • Works over SMS, meaning even those who don’t have the app can chat with you directly over SMS. For this, you just need to add anyone from your phone book. SMS chats are currently available in the US only. Standard text messaging rates may apply.
  • Has an app both for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, and can work even with an old-school flip phone
  • Added Foursquare integration in 2011 to let users check in to venues and see where their friends are
  • Enjoy a conference call with your group whenever you want
  • If you choose not to use GroupMe’s app, you can synchronize all your numbers to your phone’s address book
  • Has simple and easy-to-use interface

Use Pinngle for Group Messaging

Pinngle for Group Messaging

Apart from GroupMe, you can also use Pinngle to always stay in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues. Pinngle was developed in October 2016 by Zigma Telecom and currently boasts almost 5 million users worldwide.

Pinnlge is a free cross-platform instant messaging and voice over IP (VoIP) mobile application that was developed affordability and ease of use in mind. This free chat app comes with a number of striking calling and messaging features that make it a perfect alternative to the most popular instant messaging apps available these days. Moreover, it offers several advantages that make it a special choice.

    • Enjoy group messaging with thousands of users 
    • The company has developed a special algorithm that allows you to go online anywhere in the world, so limit Internet exchange traffic is no longer a problem. You can use Pinngle in any VoIP blocked country.
    • Lower data usage
    • Cheaper services
    • “Pinngle Out” for making lower-cost calls to those who don’t have Pinngle since Pinngle-to-Pinngle calls are free
    • More reliable voice calls
    • HD video calls at 720p resolution
    • Public Channels open to everyone
    • End-to-end encryption across all its platforms to guarantee the highest level of privacy protection
    • Works even with the slowest Internet connection
    • Works even with 2G and overloaded WiFi
    • Never saves data on any of its 3 servers
    • Can share your location
    • Can forward your calls
    • User-friendly interface
    • Operates on Android and iOS devices
    • Files can be sent in any format and without any limit

And more.

Use the best group messaging app or consider an alternative like Pinngle to enjoy high-quality and reliable group chats with your family, friends, and colleagues.

What group messaging app do you prefer? We’d love for you to share it with us in the comments below.

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