What Is the Best App for Slow Internet?

Do you have a slow Internet connection and don’t know how to survive it? Sometimes, it can be a real problem for those who work remotely or need a good Internet connection for another reason. A slow Internet connection can destroy your productivity and create lots of headaches for you.  

What about using an instant messaging (IM) app when your Internet doesn’t work appropriately? What’s the best way out? Get isolated or find the right chat app that can help you always stay in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues?

Of course, you’d choose the second option: finding a high-quality and reliable messaging app that you can use even with a slow Internet connection. We recommend using Pinngle for slow Internet.  

The Best App for Slow Internet – Pinngle


The Best App for Slow Internet - Pinngle

Pinngle is a relatively new instant messaging app that was developed by Zigma Telecom SIA. This chat app was initially launched in October 2016, and has already become the preferred choice for almost 5 million people around the globe. Pinngle is available both for Android and iOS devices.

Pinngle is one of the top messaging apps in the Middle East and is a perfect alternative to even the most popular messaging apps available on today’s mobile app market. This is thanks to the great calling and messaging features that Pinngle offers to its users.

Are you dealing with a slow Internet connection? Pinngle is developed to operate even with the slowest Internet connection, so you can be sure to use this messenger even if you don’t have an excellent Internet connection.

Even if you think you have a sophisticated smartphone, if your Internet connection is slow, it’ll affect your video calling. With Pinngle, you can avoid this problem since the quality of the video calls made via this messaging app is great. No matter you need to make voice calls or video calls, Pinngle is always reliable and secure.

Pinngle uses end-to-end encryption across all its platforms, so no third party can get access to the content shared and calls made via the app. What is more, Pinngle never stores any data on any of its servers to guarantee ultimate data protection for its users.

The company has developed a special algorithm that enables Pinngle users to go online anywhere in the world, even in those countries where there is limited Internet exchange traffic. You can use this chat app even in VoIP-blocked countries. For this, you just need to use its Bypass VoIP Blocking mode. In addition, Pinngle works excellently even with 2G and overloaded WiFi.

Pinngle has recently launched its virtual or DID number service, which is again reliable with a slow Internet connection. So, you can get a virtual or international number through Pinngle and receive calls without paying for them and without experiencing any problems with connection.

It can be annoying to call someone without seeing his/her image clearly. Add to that the bad quality of voice caused by poor Internet. Pinngle is the best app to make reliable voice and video calls even with the slowest Internet connection. There’s no need to look further. Just install Pinngle on your mobile device and avoid problems with your Internet connection.