We love our smartphones, but let’s face it, sometimes it does things that frustrate us. Seeing the loading icon, low wi-fi signal, and of course, your battery draining are the worst things that could ever happen to you. The thing is, you cannot do anything about the loading icon or low wi-fi signal besides upgrading your internet plan to a faster speed. But you can for sure try to optimize your phone’s battery life. We spend most of our times texting and calling people using instant messaging apps. However, we do not realize the amount of power those apps take and drain our phone’s battery life. When it comes to apps that drain battery life, VoIP apps are said to be the most battery consuming. The good news is, there are ways to rescue your battery from draining.

To find out how below is a list of tricks that will help save your battery’s life to the max.

Delete Apps You Do Not Use

Swipe your phone’s home screen and have a look at your purchased apps. If you come across apps you do not use anymore, consider uninstalling them. Having too many apps will not only drain your phone’s battery but will also slow down your phone and increases your storage.

 Lower Your Screen’s Brightness Level

Your screen’s high level of brightness is one of the main reasons for having a low lifespan battery. Brighter screens require more battery consumption. Therefore, try using a high level of brightness only when you’re outside in the daytime. Otherwise, always lower it down whenever you are indoors or before going to bed.

Blackout Your Screen If Necessary

As previously mentioned, your screen is a huge consumer of battery.  So whenever you receive a call, turn off your phone (not the call) to save battery. Although most phones blackout automatically when you place it to your ear, some simply don’t. Moreover,  if you’re on a loudspeaker, simply switch off your phone and continue talking. The same thing goes when you are listening to music. Whether on a loudspeaker or earphones always lock your phone for the sake of your battery’s life.

Turn Off Your Cellular Data Whenever Possible

Another hack that will save your phone’s battery is turning off your cellar connectivity. Not only keeping it on will drain your battery but will also consume your credits and MBs. That being said, whenever you’re at a friend’s place or even a restaurant, always connect to their wifi because it consumes less battery than cellular data.

Use Battery Optimizer Apps

Did you know there are apps that help you optimize your battery? Those apps are there to simply make your life easier. If you do not have the time to do all the things listed above manually, battery saver apps will do all the work on behalf of you. Some of their main functions include shutting down apps that are causing excessive battery drain. They turn down your brightness whenever there is a need to. They also turn off functions like Bluetooth, wifi, and cellular data when not in use. Moreover, they also notify you which app is consuming more battery. In short, they find all the possible ways that are making your battery drain.

Use VOIP Apps That Are Battery Friendly

If you check your smartphone’s battery settings, you will find out your VoIP app listed at the top. If you did all the steps mentioned above but your battery is still draining fast, download VoIP apps that consume less battery.  One such app is Pinngle. Pinngle is a messaging and calling app that allows you to voice/video call among Pinngle users around the world for free. Above all that, Pinngle is specifically designed to use your battery charge economically by saving up to 40%.

Have you tried it already? Think about saving your battery’s life and download Pinngle now from Google play or download Pinngle from AppStore. 


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