The invention of mobile phones has helped us in so many ways. Overall, mobile phones have made our lives easier. However, sometimes we worry about our privacy and safety. Keeping our phone numbers private is a top priority and remains a serious concern in our lives. To ensure safety, people are purchasing a burner phone or virtual number to enjoy the highest possible level of security.

What is a virtual number or DID numbers? 

International or virtual phone numbers are also known as online numbers. Moreover, they’re also called direct inward dialing (DID) or access numbers. In the US, they’re popular as “follow-me numbers,” and in the UK as “personal number.” In Europe and Oceania, DID numbers are also called direct dial-in (DDI) numbers.

These are telephone numbers without a directly associated telephone line. So, virtual numbers are a type of local telephone numbers in a selected country or city. As a rule, these numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers you have chosen to use.

Thanks to DID numbers, distance can no longer be an issue to connect with those who you care about most. If you’re far away from your family and friends, a DID phone number can be of great help. It’ll allow you to communicate with others without paying for those international calls. 

Pinngle Safe Messenger is offering cheap and affordable virtual numbers for more than 35+ countries starting at 1.50$ only. You can now buy virtual numbers to receive calls from your family, friends, and colleagues while you’re connected to the WiFi. Your virtual number on Pinngle will be used as a temprory number up to 3-12 months. 

What is a burner phone? 

A burner phone is a cheap prepaid mobile phone intended for temporary use. Unlike regular phones, a burner phone is purchased without signing a contract and can be discarded at any time. For many people, a burner serves as a backup phone. Those phones mainly come in an old-style ( i.e flip phones).  However, they are compact, lightweight and easy to use. Burner phones’ main functions are to make and receive calls, text messages, and voicemails. You can purchase them at supermarkets, office supply shops, or simply at any convenience store.

The Difference Between a Burner Phone and Virtual Number 

Similar to a burner phone, a virtual number can be used as a backup phone number. But unlike burners, a virtual number is a phone number you can purchase through an online application or website. Virtual numbers, also known as online numbers, are telephone numbers that are not directly associated with telephone lines. Those numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers you have chosen to use. The difference between virtual and burner phones is that with virtual numbers, you can make international calls to whichever country you chose to purchase.  Nevertheless, the main purpose of purchasing a virtual number is to receive international calls without incurring high rates.

14 Advantages of Virtual or DID Phone Numbers  

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  • No need to purchase additional hardware. You can use your existing phone.
  • Add features like call forwarding, SMS notifications, and email notifications.
  • Customize your settings and enjoy greater conferencing capabilities.
  • Enjoy low-cost calls.
  • Assign a virtual phone number to a cell phone and computer, so you won’t be unavailable.
  • Enjoy simplified remote working and geographic flexibility.
  • Control where the calls are sent.
  • Enjoy ring groups. When you dial the virtual phone number of a ring group, all the group members are called in a preset order. This can be helpful for after-hours support groups and teams located in different parts of the world.
  • Direct calls and enable recorded greetings and information that might be useful for you.
  • Leave a message or get some information after connecting to your virtual number.
  • Attach audio files to emails.
  • Avoid busy signals; the forwarded call can easily reach a phone number even if already being used.
  • There are virtual numbers that can be programmed with time settings to serve as per-hour timings.
  • Virtual numbers eliminate barriers associated with time zones, thus serving as effective mechanisms for making and receiving calls.

DID numbers provide excellent advantages for remote working and businesses in general. They’re cost-effective, geographically flexible, enable external device forwarding and more. Using a virtual phone number, you can enjoy benefits that can’t be found with landline phone systems. 

Why do people use back up numbers?

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People with extreme needs of privacy and safety use back up numbers. Instead of revealing personal or permanent numbers, people tend to use disposable phone numbers or what is now called burners and virtual numbers.

It’s always a good idea to have a backup phone number. So when should you use a backup number? Continue reading to find out.

When you meet strangers online but you’re still not certain if you can trust them

Let’s face it.  Disclosing private information to a random stranger you just met online can be a little bit risky.  So instead of giving out your personal number, you can always buy a burner or virtual number to secure yourself with all the possible dangers you might encounter.

When you suspect your personal information is under threat

If you are hesitant whether you gave your personal phone number to a trustworthy person, you can always have a backup number. Therefore, do not let things like hacking worry you, because back up numbers are intended for such kind of use.

To avoid ads and all the promotional texts messages

Promotional text messages can sometimes be very annoying. If you want to avoid receiving such messages, you can simply subscribe to anything you purchase with a burner or virtual phone number. In this way, you can save yourself from all the unread and useless messages.

Separating your business life from your own personal one

If you do not want customers or colleagues to reach you out whenever you want, you might perhaps choose to purchase another phone number. The best way to avoid using your personal phone number for work is to buy a burner or a virtual number.

Top 5 Virtual Phone Number Apps for Android and iOS 

  • Pinngle Safe Messenger
  • Cloud SIM
  • Hushed
  • Burner
  • Sideliner

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