Viber not working? It does happen sometimes. And there can be a lot of different reasons for that. Let’s see what can cause Viber shutdowns and problems and what alternative you can use ultimately.

A few common Viber problems

Viber users constantly complain of several problems that do not allow them to access their contact list or to send a message or to simply open the app. Following are a few scenarios of Viber not working:

  • The user receives the Viber code but it’s not working.
  • Viber requires the user to activate the code but it fails to auto-generate a code for them.
  • The video message does not work.
  • The user is typing a message but the message cannot be sent.
  • The user cannot send messages and cannot see their contacts.
  • Viber won’t connect. The app icon says “pending.”
  • After re-installing Viber, the user cannot re-activate their number.
  • There sometimes occur problems in India and African countries. Messages are not being sent or they take too long to be sent.
  • In some cases, messages do work but the calls get cut off after a few seconds of talking. Ads appear in between the calls.
  • The user is unable to open or to listen to voice messages even with 4G internet connection.
  • After updating Viber, the user is unable to send messages or to make calls.
  • In some countries, certain network providers block Viber. Users are not able to login to their accounts.

The countries most affected (last 30 days) by Viber problems are the following:

  1. Canada
  2. Nepal
  3. The USA
  4. The UK
  5. Albania

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Pinngle messenger: a good alternative to Viber

Pinngle is a mobile messenger that works everywhere. While Viber or other messengers might get shut down or blocked in several countries, Pinngle is nearly impossible or at least too hard to shut down/block. There are a few perks of using Pinngle messenger, too.

Pinngle is secure

Unlike many other mobile messengers, Pinngle is secure mainly due to its serverless concept. It does not store any kind of user data. Besides, it uses end-to-end encryption to make your messages be seen and accessed by you and your interlocutor only. No third-parties can access either your text or audio/video messages.

Pinngle allows calling even with the poorest internet

Video calls made by Pinngle are HD (720p resolution). In addition, you can make voice calls even if you have 2G internet connection. Anywhere in the world! Exciting, isn’t it?

You can share huge files, huuuuge!

There are no known limits to the file sizes you send via Pinngle. So, you can send basically anything!

Pinngle supports virtual numbers

If you are home but you have an office/company abroad and you don’t want people to confuse your numbers, just pick a virtual number from the Pinngle’s virtual numbers list. You can get any virtual number of any country. All your incoming calls will be forwarded to your actual number. This way you will save money on roaming charges and will keep things organized.

Fun Feature – Pinngle Public Channels 

You can now create a public channel and broadcast any type of content on Pinngle Public Channels or simply discover interesting channels. You can get to share anything from files, texts, images, videos, to links, playlists and even podcasts!

Callback is one cool feature

The callback is a useful feature for those who have nearly no internet connection but who still want to make that call. You just press callback and Pinngle connects you with anyone you want to in no minute.

Final word

So, basically, you have nothing to worry about if Viber is not working. You can opt for Pinngle instead. If you are already using Pinngle, let us know what you think of it! Shoot us a comment below.

Feel the freedom. Join the awesome Pinngle community today!

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