Has Russia been one of your travel destinations, but your budget is stopping you from checking it off your bucket list? Worrying about travel expenses, accommodation, or how to receive and call Russia shouldn’t stop you from visiting it. There are many travel hacks to reduce traveling expenses to Russia. Below you can find a list of travel hacks that can help you visit the world’s biggest country on a low budget.

Why Visit Russia

Call Russia

Russia is the world’s biggest country that covers one-seventh of the world’s landmass and spans both European and Asian continents. In fact, Russia has the most neighboring countries in the world. It borders with 14 countries; Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, and Ukraine from Europe,  Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, and North Korea from Asia. Because of its vast borders, Russia is considered a multinational state. You can find 160 different nationalities including Tatars, Ukrainians, Bashkir, Chuvash, Chechens, and Armenians being the vast majority living in Russia.

There are many reasons why you should visit Russia. This beautiful country is famous for its rich history, culture, landscapes, museums, cold climate, and Vodka.  Moreover, Russia is the birthplace of many renowned artists, painters, poets, and writers. For snow lovers, Russian cities become a sweet haven and a fairytale-like in winter. To visit all your favorite cities and site seeing places in Russia on a low budget, check out this list of travel hacks to reduce traveling expenses.

Book Low-cost Airlines

For short and low budget trips, always aim for low-cost Airlines. Usually Low- cost airlines such as Pobeda are 3 times cheaper than flag carriers. Also, for the lowest fares, book your tickets in winter and in advance. The best time to book a flight in winter is 62 days in advance.  If you choose to travel to Russia during its offseason, make sure to book somewhere between November till March. That is when Russia’s offseason begins and ends. Traveling to Russia in winter is exciting. Why?  Because you’ll be able to witness the real Russian climate everyone talks about. Also, flying during winter time is challenging. You’ll get to fly and witness incredible snowy views from a plane window.

Volunteer in Exchange for Accommodation

Accommodation expenses should never prevent you from having your dream adventure in Russia. If you’re traveling on a low budget, instead of staying at fancy hotels, you can simply stay at an affordable hostel. Or, you can always apply to volunteer programs in exchange for food or accommodation. You’ll be able to support local communities, meet locals, and gain/share experience in return for accommodation. Russia offers plenty of volunteering programs be it short period or long. Some of these programs not only provide free accommodation and food but also pay for your flight tickets. Moreover, Russians are very hospitable, which means you can also go Couchsurfing.

Dine from Cheap Local Restaurant

You can always drink and eat for less in Russia. Because Russia is a multinational state, it is with no surprise that Russian cuisine is diverse. If you’re worried about your budget, there are plenty of cheap restaurants and cafes in downtown Russia. You can always grab Russian fast-food from affordable food kiosks. If you wanna dine, cheap downtown cafes are there to please your appetite and pocket. Or when its evening and you want to warm yourself up, you can head to cheap local Russian pubs and have their traditional alcoholic beverage, Vodka.

Use Pinngle App to Receive and Call Russia

Call Russia

Have you ever thought of what is stopping you from traveling to Russia? If the cost of travel data plan is one of the reasons, then Pinngle App has got it all covered out for you. Pinngle App is an instant messaging app that allows you to voice/video call between Pinngle users in Russia and around the world.  You will be able to connect with people anywhere around the globe through free high-quality voice/video calls, chat, and file sharing. Besides, with  Pinngle App, you can reach anyone even those who do not have Pinngle. You can do that by purchasing a virtual number with Pinngle.  A virtual number, also known as online numbers, are telephone numbers that are not directly associated with telephone lines. With Pinngle’s virtual number, the minimum price to receive calls from Russia is as low as 2 USD.

Now that you are acquainted with some of the travel hacks, you can travel and call Russia without worrying much about your expenses.

p.s: Don’t forget to take Pinngle with you, it is indeed a travel hack essential.

Other Interesting Facts About Pinngle

Call Russia

  • It has a callback and call forwarding option
  • You can share your location whenever you want, wherever you go
  • It offers a huge variety of fun and trendy stickers
  • you can create group chats with friends, family, and coworkers
  • It saves your battery life up to 40%
  • Make FREE voice and video calls to all Pinngle users through the internet with 720p resolution HD video calls
  • You can share photos and videos or even upload and share PDFs, documents, spreadsheets and more
  • It works with VoIP – Blocked countries
  • It protects your information by using end-to-end encryption of data.

You can easily download Pinngle now from Google play or download Pinngle from AppStore.






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