Threema is a messenger and calling app that allows users to communicate anonymously. This anonymity, plus end-to-end data encryption, has led Threema to be considered a secure app. Threema experienced a boost in popularity boost after the Snowden leaks.

However, Threema users have reported issues ranging from bugs to failed functions.

Common problems:

  • Threema Web says “This Browser is Not Supported”
  • GCM push messages not processed
  • Threema showing user connected to a session, when not
  • Not receiving push notifications
  • Delayed push notifications
  • Not receiving message notifications
  • Messages not received or delayed
  • No new message notifications
  • Messages don’t appear until app is opened

Pinngle Messenger: a Secure Alternative to Threema

Threema Not Working

If you’re having problems with Threema, why not give another app a try? With security and worldwide accessibility, Pinngle is a great alternative to Threema. Best of all, it’s free!

But first, let me explain why it’s worth the switch.

Why Pinngle?

It’s private and secure

Pinngle ensures privacy and security through end-to-end data encryption and a serverless architecture. Serverless architecture means that we don’t store data on our servers. And because Pinngle values your privacy, Pinngle never sells user data, and never will.

It works for everyone, everywhere

Pinngle workseverywhere. Unlike other apps, internet issues and government restrictions can’t stop it. Pinngle works smoothly with internet speeds as slow as 2G network. More importantly, even countries with high internet censorship can’t block Pinngle. While WhatsApp is blocked in over 30 countries, Pinngle is blocked in none.

High quality calls and free messaging

Well, what’s a messaging app without free messages? Pinngle offers private chats and group chats of up to 50,000 users. But its biggest bragging point is its consistent excellence in call quality. Compared to other apps, Pinngle’s voice and video calls have the clearest and most stable connection.

It has public channels

For those who don’t always want to keep private, Pinngle hosts Public Channels to amplify the voices of creatives, influencers, journalists, and more. Users can manage their own channels or invite others to become admins and contribute too.

Virtual numbers and International calls

With Pinngle virtual numbers, you can purchase local phone numbers in multiple countries to receive local or international calls. All you need to do is pay for the number on a monthly basis and all your receiving calls will be free.

Ready to join?

There are over 3 million active users who have chosen Pinngle for their secure messaging needs. Now that you’ve learned about Pinngle’s features, why not give it a try?

You can download Pinngle for Android or download Pinngle for iOS.

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