Starting from WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram to Pinngle, chat applications are raging sensations of the web right now. Messenger apps play a very important role in all our lives. Just one decade ago, imagining life without mobile phones was impossible but now in the current era, most of us cannot operate without messaging applications. If you are set to create a message app and offer tough competition to apps like WhatsApp, then this content will be helpful as it covers the major aspects of the creation of these applications.

How to create the best messaging application?

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When thinking about how to create a messaging app for Android, you must know that it incorporates a complex procedure and comes with a plethora of steps.

  • Authorization – To create a message app in Android, you need to first begin with authorization. Email or authorization through social media, phone is some application sign up features that you can provide. Your chat app can support only one sort of authorization but it is not advised to limit it to that. If the app is designed for supporting all the sign up features, then users can pick the one that they feel is the most appropriate for them.
  • Contact importing – If you never want to annoy users with your messaging application, while you create a message app, never neglect this feature. The importation of contacts needs to be behind the scenes & habitual. Create an app that can scan each & every contact from the contact book & easily import the contacts to the server. You can even add additional features where the users can witness people from their contact book who are already utilizing the messaging app for starting to communicate.
  • Messaging – Whether you create a messaging app iOS or create message app Android, this feature is the core of all chat applications. The execution of the messaging attribute depends on the kind of architecture you have decided to utilize. Servers are not utilized by client-side apps for storing messages. As a user sends over a message, the central server authenticates it & an asymmetric cryptography algorithm encrypts it. This is regarded as public-key cryptography. Through a wireless mesh network, the recipient receives the message. A chatting application that is server-based will stock up all messages in a server. Here every interaction between the server & users will take place through the HTTPS protocol & an SSL certificate will encrypt it. By this, you can get hands-on a secure messaging applications.
  • Media file sharing – If you are wondering how to create a text message app that will impress the users to the highest level, then this feature must be employed. With the file-sharing attribute, users can easily exchange images, videos, and documents. There are two ways to implement this feature. You can let the users send any kind of content from the internal storage or gallery or you can let them capture videos or photos from the application & instantly send the contents to friends.

Features to make your chat application exclusive

There are many steps to keep in mind before creating a message app. Incorporation of these features is a must:

  • Groups & channels – When you have made the decision to create a message app, enabling only one to one communication is not advised anymore. Your application must support communities’ creation. When users communicate through groups and channels, users feel more encouraged to share their thoughts, passions, etc.
  • Self-destructing messages – This is a feature that brings in enhanced privacy. Users can gain control over all their personal data and after a time, personal information also vanishes from the application.
  • Chatbots – If you are looking for a sound guide for creating a message app for your business, chatbots can largely serve your purpose. With this solution, you can set predefined answers for usual messages & questions. By this method, you can even monetize your application in case your business needs to utilize it in its operations.
  • Video calls – To create a message app that is interactive, it must be employed with the feature of supporting video calls. In the video messaging applications, users can visually communicate with each other and this technology is based on VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.
  • Encrypted communication – Secret chat is a feature where encryption keys on the users’ messages & devices are stored and can be decoded only with Smartphones. There are also features when a user takes a screenshot, the app delivers a notification and by this it becomes infeasible to forward the messages from a secret chat application to all the outside users.
  • On-schedule messages – This is one of the very vital features to integrate when wondering about how to create a text message app. With the scheduled messages feature, in case the user forgot to send a very important message in the morning time, the setting up of the schedule will send the text automatically to the recipient. To make a very useful messaging app, this characteristic must be incorporated at any cost.

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