Cyber attacks are on the rise and evolving day by day. However, not everyone is awareof the importance of cyber security and its potential risks. For that reason, there’s a Data Privacy Day to raise awareness about the need for data privacy and security. Every year on the 28th of January, companies, agencies, governmental organizations commemorate this day by holding events and seminars to discuss issues regarding privacy, cybersecurity, and data protection.

The History of Data Privacy Day 

It all began in 1981, when the Council of Europe signed the Convention for the Protection of Individuals regarding their personal data on the 28th of January known as Convention 108. Today, on this same exact day, Data Privacy Day is being commemorated annually. This day was first celebrated in 2007 as the European Data Protection Day. Two years later, the U.S. recognized this day as Data Privacy Day for promoting secure data privacy and protection practices. Today many countries like Canada, India and 47 European countries celebrate this day to remind people of the importance of respecting one’s privacy. 

What To Do on Data Privacy Day

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On the 11th anniversary of Data Privacy Day, take a few minutes and apply the practices listed below to ensure safety and security. 

Change Your Password 

Changing your password is perhaps the easiest and yet the first thing that should probably come to your mind. Changing your passwords every once in 2 months is a must for security reasons. Another way to ensure privacy is by coming up with a strong one. A unique password with special characters, symbols and uppercase letters is definitely preferred. 

Have Security Checkups 

Take your computer or mobile device for a security check up on this very important day. Ask the IT specialist to check up on viruses, and if your device is vulnerable to cyber attacks. From time to time, you could also format your devices. Wiping away all the data that might or is causing viruses is very beneficial. You could do this by yourself, but if you don’t have profound IT skills, it is better to seek help from professionals. 

Be aware of Wifi Hotspots 

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If you’re using a hotspot Wifi right now, your chances of getting cyber attacked are higher. Therefore, always avoid using public wireless networks. Why? That is because the provider of any hotspot Wifi could easily access all the data on your device. So, next time you decide to connect to a public Wifi, the least you could do is avoid logging in to your email or social media networks. 

Install Antivirus Software 

Cyber viruses affect millions of people every year but unfortunately, many of them are unaware. To find out if your device is infected too, you could install antivirus software.  Such software will notify you by detecting your device from viruses. They also warn you whether you are at risk of getting cyber attacked when visiting insecure websites or networks. 

Update your software 

 Never ignore a notification update. Surprisingly, updates are very important for securing your data privacy. Therefore always install the most updated software! This is also referred to mobile apps, browsers and operating system updates. So to stay away from security threats, viruses , and other malware, do not click on the ignore button next time you receive a notification upgrade.

To conclude, as Edward Snowden once said, “ Privacy is the fountainhead of all other rights”. Hence, it’s what Pinngle believes in and works towards. Pinngle app’s secure encrypted communication methods ensure its users that their data is never being saved on its servers thus, always being protected through its end to end encryption system.

Pinngle team wishes you a happy Data Privacy Day!    

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Wardon Systems, Pinngle Team

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