The concept of a serverless messenger has been around for some time. Now, messaging app developers are already focused on going serverless. What great news for messaging app users concerned about their privacy! Wait. What’s the mystery behind serverless?

This article will tell you about the serverless concept that messenger developing companies have adopted. Also, you’ll read about the importance of data protection nowadays.

When Your Messenger Is Serverless


serverless messenger

Online data security is one of the hottest topics of discussion all over the world. Professionals in the field are using the advances in technology to provide better privacy protection for users around the globe. Billions of dollars are being spent on protecting people from cyber criminals or data thieves.

The idea to develop serverless architecture for messengers is the result of the mentioned attempts. The good news is that there’re chat app developing companies that consider privacy protection a priority. They’re going above and beyond to offer the highest level of data security to their users.

So, what about serverless messengers? Does this concept seem a mystery to you? In fact, there’s nothing mysterious. The whole thing goes around developing a messaging app that won’t store data and information anywhere. Messengers that use this serverless and peer-to-peer concept offer the most private communication in the world.

You may wonder, “What about end-to-end encryption?” E2EE is important: it’s beyond any doubt. However, serverless operation is of more importance. E2EE allows the communication provider to turn your information into a coded form. This encrypted form can be decoded only when it reaches to the recipient. This refers both to voice/video calls and messages.

However, it’s more important to use an encrypted messaging app that doesn’t store your data on any server. This is a kind of double protection. First, no third party gets access to the content of your calls and messages. Second, any third party becomes deprived of the opportunity to access or steal your data.

Serverless Messenger Can Help You Avoid “Serverless” People/Things


serverless messenger

Almost 5 million data records are lost or stolen worldwide each and every day. This makes up 58 records every second. In 2017, several large data breaches occurred. The professionals in the field started speaking about the worrying frequency of data breaches. By the way, the three biggest incidents happened to  Equifax, Verizon, and Kmart in 2017.

With all the data breaches happening in the world, the value of a serverless messenger is undeniable. This is a really powerful tool. It can help you avoid dealing with anything associated with data breaches or privacy violation. This is a secure app that will make it less possible for criminals to earn money on the black market.

Only there’s one thing. Serverless operation is a great thing when it comes to messaging apps. “Serverless” operation isn’t a great thing, at least, when it comes to those who commit this. That’s the case when you shouldn’t expect that the “mastery” and “skills” of cybercriminals will have limits.

The idea isn’t to make you scared. This can’t be scary: it’s mean and typical of the weak. The idea is that you just need to be informed and expect that cybercriminals will always use ALL they have in their “arsenal” to protect themselves. This is the only way out for them.

Fight for your truth? Ask them “Why” – just in case? Just ignore? Everything is always going to be the same. Using all their “professional’’ skills enclosed in a “beautiful” cover, they’ll commit ugly things in a voiceless manner. Then, they’ll talk about the importance of beauty just to justify themselves. Justify themselves in a “serverless” manner. You know, it’s quite normal.

Why bother yourself with all these things? Choose Pinngle, a serverless messenger in its great sense, to enjoy the freedom of communication you need. Pinngle, a legitimate messaging app, never stores your data, including your contact information, on servers. This messaging app uses end-to-end encryption across all its platforms, so no one will ever be able to steal your data. Use Pinngle to create beauty!

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