Chatbots are computer programs conducting a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Chatbots are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner (passing the Turing test), and are typically used in dialog systems for various practical purposes including customer service, information acquisition, etc. Modern AI-chatbots come in a variety of forms, from stand-alone mobile apps to messaging apps integrated into social networks, and their use varies widely. Developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and the popularity of messaging apps are fuelling the growth of chatbots. AI-driven chatbots now aim to replicate human interaction. 

So what are those 10 most popular and useful chatbot apps nowadays?

1. Duolingo (over 50 millions users)

Duolingo’s language learning app allows users to have text conversations with an AI-powered chatbot and practice language skills through conversations with bots.  Duolingo is an incredibly popular language learning platform and service that has helped millions of users from around the world learn new languages and connect with other people.


2. Kayak (over 10 millions users).

With Kayak chatbot, it is possible to easily find flights and hotels. Kayak asks you simple questions like the destination and travel date and shows you the best fares.


3. TheScore (over 10 millions users)

This chatbot is for Sports Lovers. It is possible to get sports scores and news via TheScore. You can select your favorite teams to follow to get real-time updates.


4. HealthTap (over 1 million users)

This is a great chatbot for receiving healthcare tips. HealthTap analyses your request and redirects you to similar questions, which were answered by doctors earlier. To get a personal consultation with the doctor in chat, you will have to switch to a paid account. But anyways, the free version is still very helpful.


5. Hipmunk (over 1 millions users)

Hipmunk is AI-powered chatbot assistants from Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype. Hipmunk bots allow users to ask questions like “when is the best time to go to Paris from Barcelona?” or “what is the cheapest hotel in Amsterdam?” Because Hipmunk works even in group chats, users can easily plan family trips together without leaving the chat room.


6. MagicX (over 100 thousand)

MagicX helps users with every task like paying bills, making travel plans, and grocery shopping. It is the Number 1 New Shopping App in the Play Store currently.


7. Babylon health online doctor (over 100 thousand)

Babylon Health built the world’s first artificial intelligence Triage platform. The new AI feature allows analyses a users’ symptoms to help them decide whether to follow up with a consultation.

Babylon Health

8. TechCrunch (over 100 thousand)

TechCrunch chatbot helps to stay on top of the topics and stories you care about. You just need to subscribe to different topics, authors, or sections of the site, and the bot will send you news articles from TechCrunch about the things you are most interested in.


9. CleverBot (over 100 thousand)

CleverBot is the best AI chatbot when it comes to having conversations with humans. Cleverbot came very close to passing the Turing Test in 2011, with only a few percent difference when compared to people. The bot uses each conversation to learn more and improve its responses. It can be accessed through the web interface or downloaded as an iOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile app.


10. Lark (over 50 thousand)

Lark is the health app that talks to you, just like a live weight loss coach or a fitness trainer. Lark makes remarks about how you can improve your lifestyle to be healthier, drawing its insights from a database generated by the world’s leading sleep and nutrition experts. You can text to the chatbot and it will ask you what you ate/drank recently and then give you comprehensive feedback on your eating, drinking, exercising, and sleeping habits. Imitating a real conversation with a live expert can engage users, helping them achieve their goals and stay on track.


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