Have you ever had troubles expressing your feelings through texts? What would you possibly do when you cannot put your feeling into words? The answer is simple, use digital stickers or also known as messenger stickers.  Messenger stickers are illustrations of characters or expressive graphics that you can send to your friends via chatting.

Visual communication is the primary way of conveying a message. In terms of chat apps,  visual communication began with emojis- smiley faces but today, stickers are taking over. Digital stickers are much more sophisticated than emojis. They are in fact designed in a detailed and much more expressive way in order to convey a message.

Here’s how stickers can be helpful in chat apps.

Brings joy to the convo

Messenger Sticker

Start by initiating your conversation with joyful stickers to leave cheerful impressions behind.  It’s important to give your texts some kind of a personality. For instance, when you feel the conversation is already dying and there’s not much anything left to say, you can simply send a sticker. Start by sending a sticker that has nothing to do with the conversation you previously had. In this way, you will have a new topic to discuss. Moreover, make sure the stickers your messenger app is providing are creative and illustrated in a funny style. Remember! Messenger stickers are not just ordinary pictures, they are created to specifically add enthusiasm to your conversation.

Saves time and energy

Messenger Sticker

Not only stickers are bound to make you smile, but can also save time and energy. Visually driven communication saves you in many ways. When you’re ever feeling tired or not in the mood to text back, you can simply send stickers. If you rushing to a meeting but its also your friend’s birthday, send a sticker to save time and energy. Rather than texting long paragraphs, with just a click you can be as expressive as ever.  Besides, its always fun to be a little bit extra when it comes to chatting with your friends 😉

Pinngle and its stickers

Messenger Sticker

To begin with, Pinngle is the instant messaging app that connects with people anywhere around the globe. Stickers on Pinngle app do much more than a text. One of Pinngles distinctive features is its sticker packs. Pinngle offers wide variety packs of free stickers. All you need to do is go to settings, click on the sticker store and download your favorite pack.  Once the download is complete, you can begin making your pictorial conversation upbeat and fun.

Some ideas to replace your text with stickers on Pinngle

You can always wish your friend a Happy New Year by choosing one of Pinngle’s featured Happy New Year sticker. Or, send your classmate school theme stickers to express enthusiasm for your first day of school. When its football season, show your support for your favorite team or player by sending stickers from the football geek pack. Last but not least, try out the “why type when you can sticker” pack to simply save time and energy.

Did you know with Pinngle,  you can enjoy a free phone call and serverless operation anywhere, anytime?

Pinngle is a messaging app that allows you to text and call for free between Pinngle users around the world through the internet with 720p HD resolution.

You can easily download Pinngle now from Google play or download Pinngle from AppStore.

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