Messaging apps revolutionized the way we connect and communicate with each other .Today, one could hardly imagine his/her life without texting or calling each other using messaging apps. People all over the world are now choosing to communicate easily and efficiently and of course affordably. With the rise of VoIP apps, people are benefiting from this opportunity to make free international call. But what if the person you are trying to reach does not have the same calling app you’re using? What if the person you are trying to call doesn’t have a smartphone or internet? In such situations, people are obliged to pay for making international calls to connect with their loved ones. Conitnue reading this article to learn how to make cheap international calls via a messaging app called Pinngle Messenger.  

How to make an international free call using a messaging app?

The only possible way to make free international calls is when both parties have the same messaging app and internet. Here’s how to do it with Pinngle Messenger.

1- Download Pinngle Messenger and activate your account
2- Select the contact you want to call.
3- Make a free voice or video call and enjoy a high-quality connection!

How to Make Cheap International Calls?

You can make cheap international calls using Pinngle out. All you need to have is some credits in your balance and a good internet connection to make the call. By the way, Pinngle out rates start at as low as 0.05$/min.

1- Go to recents
2- Tap on the keypad icon to the right
3- Dial the number you wish to call
4- Tap on the phone icon and choose “Pinngle-out”

How can I call someone who doesn’t have internet or smartphone?

You can call anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone or internet using Pinngle Messenger’s Pinngle-out option. All you need to have is some credits and an internet connection. Note that the person you are trying to call will receive the call for free and doesn’t need to have an internet connection.

Who can I call using Pinngle-out?

You can call anyone who
1- Doesn’t have Internet connection
2- Doesn’t have a smartphone
3- Doesn’t have Pinngle installed on their phone

Call International Free using Pinngle Messenger

free call international

Pinngle Messenger aims to be the most reliable messaging service for everyone, no matter where they are in the world. Below are some of Pinngle’s features that we think you should know.

  • Free Pinngle-to-Pinngle Calls

To make free calls, you and the person you need to connect with just need to use the app on your mobile phones. This chat app is available both for Android and iOS devices.

  • 100% Free Calls Through Virtual Numbers

Buy an international or virtual number through Pinngle at extremely low rates. Receive free calls from a large variety of countries.

  • High Quality Voice and Video Calls 

Pinngle provides the best quality of voice calls even if you’re using 2G or don’t have the latest cellular technology. Video calls have the highest quality as well.

  • No Problem With VoIP-Blocked Countries

Be sure to use Pinngle in VoIP-blocked countries since the app is almost impossible to block. Pinngle is your go-to messaging app in countries with limited internet traffic exchange and can help you overcome the blocking of VoIP apps easily.

  • Safe and Secure Connection

Pinngle is an encrypted messaging app. This means no third party can hear your calls and read your messages in the app. Moreover, most importantly, this chat app never stores your personal data on its servers. So, you can be sure your online privacy is 100% protected when using Pinngle.

  • Connection Even With Little Data

Pinngle offers lower data usage up to 30%-40% than other options.

  • Connection Even With the Slowest Internet

This messaging app works even with the slowest internet connection. You don’t have to worry about the speed. Pinngle is super fast.

  • Callback Option

This is a nice feature that can help you when your internet connection is extremely poor.

  • Call Forwarding

If you’ve changed your main number to a local one while traveling, you can use “Call Forwarding” to add and activate the number. Even with no internet, Pinngle Out incoming calls to your registered Pinngle number will be forwarded to the activated local number. Your incoming calls will be free. No need to let others know about the number change.

The Best Calling App for Freelancers and Businessmen/women

Businessmen/women and freelancers are always on a call with their business partners and clients. That’s why they end up spending too much on phone bills and international calling plans. Nevertheless, the best way to deal with all these expenses is by switching to Pinngle Messenger. With Pinngle Messenger, you’ll end up saving a lot of money since the rates of international calling start from just 0.05$/min. Pinngle Messenger also offers affordable virtual numbers just in case you wish to have 2 phone numbers where you can use one of them for business calls only.

The Best Calling App for Expats and Immigrants

Expats and immigrants use messaging apps regularly to call their loved ones overseas. However, sometimes, they face difficulties making free calls, and this is mainly because they live in countries where VoIP apps are blocked or have weak internet infrastructure. Nevertheless, the best way to overcome these problems is by using Pinngle Messenger. Pinngle Messenger has an anti-blocking technology which allows people to voice and video call without the need to change IPs or VPNs. The messenger also works perfectly well on poor connections and slow internet.

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