One could hardly find anyone who isn’t interested in low-cost international call rates these days. That’s with reason. The modern telecom industry offers a myriad of opportunities that help you communicate more easily, affordably, and even for free.

Read this article to get to know what striking opportunities you have nowadays. Also, discover a low-cost means that can help you always stay in touch with those who you care about most.

Messaging Apps in the Modern World of Communication


international call rates

The modern telecom industry is evolving incredibly fast. It’s among the fastest-growing industries in fact. This has resulted in the development of mobile messaging, which has opened up new doors in the world of communication.

The developers of mobile messengers are working on offering more advanced products and features, including low international call rates. Rapidly growing instant messaging (IM) applications are becoming more and more important both for customers and businesses around the globe. Why? Because communication makes up an important part of both personal and business life.

So, it’s no surprise that instant messaging apps are so much widespread these days. Moreover, new chat apps are appearing on the modern mobile app market almost every day. All of them focus on remaining competitive and standing out from the crowd.

The opportunities to connect with your family, friends, and coworkers affordably and even for free in any corner of the world are amazing. These are two of the most surprising features that messaging apps come with. Why not enjoy communication freedom?

So, billions of people all over the world are granted a perfect opportunity to connect with each other whenever and from wherever they wish. Messaging apps are great for all, both for those who like traveling alone and need to stay connected, those who work away from their homes, students studying abroad, and others.

Low-Cost International Call Rates You’ve Been Looking for


international call rates

No one would argue that instant messaging apps have completely changed the way people communicate these days. Today, using different devices, people can get in touch with each other on one platform via text and multimedia.

Could you ever imagine that you’d make as low-cost international calls as you’re making today? What is more astonishing, could you ever think that you’d be able to talk for free one fine day? Everybody knows that messaging apps offer these opportunities. This is no more surprising for people living nowadays: it’s just a common thing.

However, you’d ask, “Which messaging app to choose from among so many options available these days?” Well, you just need to research the market to find the right option, which you can also use as the only one messaging app on your phone.

What features to focus on while shopping around?

  • Free to Download or Not

Look for a messaging app that’s free to download. This would already facilitate the process of searching by reducing the number of messengers.

  • Country Rates You’re Interested in

Taking into account the country rates you’re interested in, compare the rates of different chat apps. Find out the one that’s the most affordable.

  • Low Data Usage

Low data usage is another important point not to ignore. The reason is that the more data you use, the more you’re going to spend.

  • Operation in VoIP-Blocked Countries

This fact plays an important role as well. If you’re going to use your messaging app in a country where VoIP services are blocked, you’ll have to look for another means of communication. The latter is going to cost you more.

  • International or Virtual Numbers

Messaging apps that offer international or virtual numbers are a great option to choose for low-cost international calls. You just need to draw a parallel among the rates offered by this type of messengers. As soon as you find the best option, you’ll just need to buy a virtual or DID number, and that’s all.

To make everything easy for you, just consider using Pinngle. This is a free instant messaging app that offers all the mentioned important features you’d need for making low-cost international calls. By the way, Pinngle’s international call rates are the lowest possible.

What messaging app do you use for low-cost international calls? We’d love for you to share it with us in the comments below.

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