Instant messaging apps are gaining more and more popularity all over the world. In fact, they’ve even surpassed the number of monthly active users (MAU) of social networking sites. IMO is one of the chat apps available on the modern mobile app market. However, like any other technology means, the app may have some problems. If IMO Not Working is what you’re interested in, this article will help you get answers to your questions.

IMO Not Working? What’s the Problem?

IMO not working

IMO is an instant messaging (IM) app that’s popular as an extremely simple communications tool. Users find it particularly helpful for those who use many different communications channels with many different people. According to a 2016 report by SimilarWeb, IMO was most popular in Cuba.

The users of IMO messenger sometimes report IMO Not Working for this or that reason. If you’re among these users trying to figure out the problem with your favorite app, just read below.

So, one of the main issues associated with IMO has to do with its operation on several iPhone models, such as iPhone 6s plus, and iPhone 5s. Previously, users reported they couldn’t get past the screen where they’d to enter their mobile number and country. Moreover, they noted the problem didn’t disappear after reinstallation either.

What these users usually do in such cases is to turn to Apple Support. However, IMO is a third party app. So, you need to address the problem with the developer.

IMO users reported another important issue in 2015. The thing is that video and voice chat platform IMO stopped working in the UAE all of a sudden. In the same year, IMO was gaining traction, and other similar services such as WhatsApp calling, BBM voice, and Viber continued to be blocked.

Another similar issue was registered in 2016. Users were trying to get find out why IMO and Facebook calling weren’t working in Saudi Arabia.

The video calling problem is another concern discussed by IMO users. Particularly, the problem has to do with the voice of video calls. As users note, the problem still exists after they reinstall the app.  

Basically, the most common IMO problems that users report include the following:

    • IMO isn’t working on Android
    • Chat app IMO isn’t working on Samsung
    • IMO isn’t working on WiFi
    • Messaging app IMO video call camera isn’t working
    • IMO video call sound problem
    • Chat app IMO has stopped

Even if you experience some problems with IMO, this isn’t the end of the world. You can simply find an alternative and enjoy it.

Pinngle, an Alternative Messaging App to IMO

IMO not working

IMO not working? What about Pinngle? This is a free instant messaging (IM) app. You can use it both on Android and iOS devices. You can be sure to use Pinngle even in the remote corners of the world. Just read below to learn about other advantages that Pinngle offers to its users.

  • Operation in VoIP-Blocked Countries

Even if you’re in a country that blocks VoIP services, Pinngle can be of great help. This chat app is almost impossible to block or shut down.

  • Affordable Service

If you compare the rates offered by different messaging apps, you’ll easily see that Pinngle’s rates are lower.

  • Super Privacy Protection

Pinngle is an end-to-end (E2EE) encrypted messaging app.  What is more important, this chat app never keeps any personal data on its servers. So, your most sensitive information will never be available to any third party. The content of your calls and messages in Pinngle is available only to you and the person you’re communicating with.

  • Best Quality of Voice and Video Calls

Do you use 2G or don’t have the latest cellular technology? With Pinngle, you can enjoy the top quality.

  • Less-Data Usage

Pinngle uses less data as compared to other options. In fact, this messenger uses up to 30%-40% less.

  • Slowest Internet Is No Problem

Even the poorest internet connection can’t be an obstacle for Pinngle. You can enjoy quality voice and video calling even with the slowest internet.

  • Callback Option

Do you have almost no internet connection? Use Pinngle’s callback option to connect with anyone you need around the globe.

  • Virtual or International Numbers

Consider purchasing international or virtual numbers through Pinngle. This is a great opportunity to receive 100% free calls from so many places across the globe.

  • Public Channels

Pinngle has ad- and spam-free Public Channels. You can follow and discover world-class influencers and bloggers, travelers and photographers, writers and social activists all on Pinngle Public Channels. You can also create your own channel and post anything from texts, files, images, videos to playlists, links and even podcasts! 

Like any other technology means, IMO may have some problems. Whenever you’re interested in why WhatsApp, Viber, or IMO aren’t working, it’s a good idea to use Pinngle, a great alternative.

Have you ever used Pinngle? If yes, what are your thoughts? Feel free to share your comments with us below.

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  1. Am setting imo on my Samsung mobile I fill in my number after it telling me that vilifying me number to send me a code in a message for seconds that their going to call on my number then after that they are failing my number no sending me a code till I got tired I don’t know what to do now

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