Whether you’re a digital influencer, a life coach, or a blogger, anyone can start a Pinngle Public Channel.

Here’s how to get started.

Step 1 Click on the channel icon

Step 2 Click on the plus sign on the top right

Step 3 Fill in the required fields ( channel name, photo, description, category)

Step 4 Select if your channel followers can chat with you

Step 5 Click on the check sign

Step 6 Start uploading your amazing content

Why get a Pinngle Public Channel?

Public channels are one of the features that make Pinngle so much more than a messenger. They’re free, and let you share content instantly with followers all around the world.

Join the millions of people who are enjoying ad-free and spam-free content on Pinngle Public Channels!


Erica is a blogger and passionate about storytelling. She currently covers topics related to bags, shoes, women's clothing, sustainable products and hats.

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