Whether you’re a digital influencer, a life coach, or a blogger, anyone can start a Pinngle Public Channel.

Here’s how to get started.

1. Find the “+” in the main Public Channel view

how to pinngle channel

2. Customize your channel name and details

how to pinngle public channel

Indicate some details about your new channel.

3. Click on your channel in the main channel view

how to pinngle channel

4. Access settings from the top menu

how to pinngle public channel
Click on your channel name

5. Enable editing

how to pinngle public channel
Tap on the pencil icon or “edit”

6. Upload a photo for your Public Channel

Choose a photo that will catch people’s attention!

7. Add admins and choose whether followers can contact you

Add admins and choose how you can be contacted.

8. Make a post with a message or attachment

Write your message and add an optional attachment.

9. Check your followers’ reactions

Likes and dislikes only!

Why get a Pinngle Public Channel?

Public channels are one of the features that make Pinngle so much more than a messenger. They’re free, and let you share content instantly with followers all around the world.

Join the millions of people who are enjoying ad-free and spam-free content on Pinngle Public Channels!

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