Are you from Saudi Arabia looking for a free voice and video calling app? You can easily use Pinngle Messenger, a calling app that works in Saudi Arabia and all over the world.

How to make free international calls in Saudi Arabia

  1. Download Pinngle Messenger app from App Store or Google Play
  2. Register and verify your number either by SMS or voice call
  3. Start making high-quality voice and video calls with your contacts

The History Behind Pinngle Messenger

Pinngle messenger was founded in 2016 by a telecommunication expert who noticed a gap in our modern-day telecommunications. A gap that could threaten peoples’ ability to communicate easily, authentically and freely. So together, with a small team of multinational experts, Pinngle Messenger was created to bring honesty and worldwide accessibility back to our modern day communications. Today, Pinngle Messenger has millions of users from all over the world with a strong user base in the U.S, Canada, India, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Pinngle Messenger is now the only messaging app that operates normally without the use of VPNs or any third parties in Saudi Arabia.

Telecommunications and expats in Saudi Arabia

The immigrants and expats of Saudi Arabia

The population of Saudi Arabia is estimated to be at 33.5 million of which 10 million are expats making up 30% of the population. The largest expat community in Saudi Arabia are the Syrians. According to Global Media Insight, “Almost 2.5 million Syrians live in Saudi Arabia”. Indians in Saudi Arabia are the second most numerous expats in the country, while the number of Pakistanis is 1.06 million.

Similar to the UAE, most of the immigrants in Saudi Arabia are economic immigrants seeking a better standard of living. Immigrants and expats in Saudi Arabia mostly reside in the capital city Riyadh, as well as Jeddah, the major urban center of western Saudi Arabia.

Media and internet censorship in Saudi Arabia

Although Saudi Arabia is becoming more progressive and undergoing massive socio-economic reforms, the country is still considered to be the most conservative Arab state in the world.

There are many websites that are either left censored or blocked in Saudi Arabia. Did you know that Saudi law enforcement bans more than 400,000 websites that oppose the kingdom’s laws and views? This includes political, social or religious content. Websites or mobile applications you might find blocked in Saudi Arabia are; pornography, gambling, news agencies, and voice calling apps. Pornography and gambling are blocked for religious and cultural reasons. This is very much expected because the kingdom’s legal system is based on the Sharia law, which is derived from the religion Islam. News agencies such as the leading Israeli newsletter Haaretz is currently blocked for political purposes. Moreover, voice over internet protocol services (VoIPs) are also blocked in order to maintain a monopoly with their national telephone carrier.

Why are calling apps banned in Saudi Arabia?

VoIP services have indeed changed the way people connect and communicate with each other to the better. However, unfortunately, many people in Saudi Arabia are struggling to benefit from VoIP services. Ever since June 2013, the Saudi communication authority has banned VoIP apps such as Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and Skype up until now. The reason behind this ban is to protect the commercial interests of state-owned operators such as STC and Mobily. However, the spokesman for telecoms regulator states the opposite. He claims that “new regulations were aimed mainly at protecting users’ personal information and blocking content that violated the kingdom’s laws.”

How do people use messaging apps in Saudi Arabia?

Residents in Saudi Arabia use calling apps with the help of VPNs and proxy servers. VPN or a virtual private network is a service that allows you to browse the internet anonymously by creating a private network from a public internet connection. VPNs allow users living in countries with heavy internet censorship to choose their own virtual location by changing their IP addresses. Ever since 2013, residents in Saudi Arabia have been hiding their real IP addresses by borrowing temporary IPs from VPN service providers in order to make free voice and video calls.

Why VPNs are NOT safe to use in Saudi Arabia

It is true that VPNs give you anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection. However, that doesn’t mean they are completely safe to use. Many VPN service providers have access to your real IP address, which means, they can easily expose your information to third parties and even the government authorities. Although the Saudi government does not raise any legal issues against VPNs, however, it is best to avoid using them for your own safety.

Calling apps blocked in Saudi Arabia

Which Free Calling App Works in Saudi Arabia

Although Saudi residents are managing to use calling apps with the help of VPNs, Pinngle Messenger is the only voice and video calling app that works in Saudi Arabia. You can now rely on Pinngle Messenger, a calling app that works without VPNs, to save your time from all the hassle you go through with other banned apps in Saudi Arabia.

Pinngle Safe Messenger – Android and Ios Video Calling App

Pinngle Safe Messenger allows instant messaging and voice/video calling among Pinngle users around the world for free. The calling app in Saudi Arabia has already been android and Ios users’ favorite calling app. Although iPhone users in Saudi Arabia can now use facetime with IOS version 11.3, Android users cannot call for free yet without using VPNs. So if you do not have facetime on your iPhone, or want to call a person who has an Android, you will be needing an app such as Pinngle to communicate freely without downloading VPNs. 

Pinngle Messenger’s Values and Features

Below you can find Pinngle’s values along with the features that differentiate the app from other calling messengers.

1. People come first

  • Full protection with end-to-end encryption
  • Does not sell your information or data to third parties
  • Built with a serverless architecture which makes it impossible to store users’ data.

2. A borderless world is a better world

  • Operates in every corner of the world
  • Functions well on poor internet, including 2G networks and slow Wi-Fi speeds
  • Developed with an anti-block technology, which means state agencies cannot block or filter the app.
  • Offering Virtual numbers at low cost to allow you to get a mobile or local landline number of another country

3. Communication is essential

  • High standard of voice calls and HD video calls
  • Call-back feature that allows you to call to any phone or landline with almost no internet connection
  • Share files up to any size or format
  • Add up to 50,000 members to your group chats

4. Be fearless and authentic

  • Total privacy and security to express yourself with no worries
  • Public Channels for content creators and users to share
    genuine content of any types

5. Do more with less

  • Lite messaging app, meaning it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space on your phone
  • Saves your battery life by up to 40%
  • Low data usage for more efficient use

Pinngle Messenger: Not Just any Messenger

Pinngle Messenger was created because it is something that the world needs – a messaging app that offers quality calls with worldwide accessibility. While there are many similar apps on the market, Pinngle is the only VoIP app that offers practical features for Saudi residents. Download Pinngle Messenger now and join the rest in creating a better-connected world.

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