Callback is an exclusive Pinngle feature that lets you make calls without internet. As long as you have Pinngle, and some funds on your account, you can call any phone in the world with virtually no internet access.

Let’s say you need to make an urgent call overseas and you try to do it through a calling app. But the internet connection is so poor, your voice call keeps breaking up. Or you don’t have enough data to make the call. This is when Pinngle’s callback feature can save the day.

Offline calling? How does that work?

First, let’s note that, although no internet connection is necessary during the call, the person initiating callback needs to have at least some internet connection. Specifically you will need just a minimal amount of internet connection so that your phone can send a callback request to Pinngle’s server. Once your callback request reaches our server, you will receive a call that you must answer, and then the party you are contacting will receive a call as well. Once they answer, you will be connected and able to talk freely, independent of how poor your internet connection is.

How to Use Pinngle Callback

1. Open your contact book and find the person you wish to call.

2. A chatbox will open with your contact. Tap their name on the top bar to open a submenu.

3. On Android, scroll down to find the callback option. On iOS, tap the phone icon.

Left: Android. Right: iOS.

4. Select callback.

5. Wait as your phone sends a request to Pinngle’s server, and answer the phone call that you receive.

6. You will be chatting with your friend without using any internet!

Android Walkthrough

iOS Walkthrough

Enjoy your calls!


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