What would you do when you sense your internet is getting slow? First, you will most likely stress out.  Second, you will probably blame the broadband.  Third, you will try to get closer to the router. And if that didn’t work, you will simply reboot the router and the issue will most probably be solved. In some countries, doing all these steps will not work simply because they lack the infrastructure to deliver high-speed internet. Losing access to speedy internet in this fast-paced world might sound like a nightmare for most of us. But did you know that having high-speed internet in some developing countries is nearly impossible?

Continue reading to find out which countries have the slowest internet.


The internet for Indians has become an integral part of their lives. Did you know that India has the world’s second highest number of internet users?   Recent studies have shown that 391 million users are connected to the internet in India. However, if we speak in terms of technicality, India is considered to have the slowest internet in the Asia-Pacific region.  Even on 4G, the internet tends to be extremely slow. The average connection speed in India is only 6.5 Mbps and is 27% below the global average.


Iran, the country that once had the world’s greatest empire, might shock you to be on this list. Ever since the internet was first introduced in 1993, users have been living with a very slow internet speed. Recent studies show that Iran has the cheapest broadband in the world, yet it is considered to be one of the countries with the slowest internet speed. The country has an average speed of  3.54 Mbps for the cost of only $5.37 per month. Besides having a slow internet, the Iranian government has an intensive approach to the internet. The government has blocked access to more than 5 million sites because of many social-economical and religious reasons in the country.


Nigeria, the largest African country by population, is one of the countries with the slowest internet speed in Africa. According to recent studies, the number of internet users in Nigeria is growing rapidly each year. In fact, there are over 103 million internet users in Nigeria. However, similar to the rest of the countries in this list, the internet connection runs very slowly in Nigeria. The average internet speed is 1.46 Mbps and is currently estimated to be 31% below the average speed in the world.


Libya, previously known as the Italian North Africa, also suffers from a slow internet speed. The country is still subjected to poor internet ever since it was first introduced in the year 2000. Libya has an average speed of  1.15 Mbps which means the internet speed is 52% below average. In Libya, the internet is not an essential service because only a small fraction of the population has access to it. The internet in Libya is run and monitored by the government through a semi-private telecommunication company.  Besides having a slow internet, the government of Libya blocks most of the western sites, even websites that offer proxy servers.


Did you know that it takes up to 2 days and 2 hours to download a 7.5GB movie in Yemen? This is how slow the internet could get there. Yemen, the poorest Arab country, has the worst internet speed in the world. The outraging war has been damaging the communication infrastructure in Yemen ever since it began. The Internet was introduced in Yemen in 1996 and up until now, the country’s internet speed has not been improved. Moreover, according to IWS, only 24.3% of the population uses the internet.  Today, Yemen has an average speed of 0.87 Mbps which is considered to be the slowest in the world.

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