All About the Facetime Bug

Earlier this week, a bug was discovered on Facetime leaving people horrified and paranoid about their privacy and security. The bug made it possible to eavesdrop on recipients without their consent. Technically, FaceTime users had access  to call someone and listen through the recipient microphone while the call was ringing or left unanswered.   How the Bug was […]

The Importance of Data Privacy Day

Cyber attacks are on the rise and evolving day by day. However, not everyone is awareof the importance of cyber security and its potential risks. For that reason, there’s a Data Privacy Day to raise awareness about the need for data privacy and security. Every year on the 28th of January, companies, agencies, governmental organizations commemorate […]

Ways to Save your Battery Life While Using VoIP Apps

We spend most of our times texting and calling people using instant messaging apps. However, we do not realize the amount of power these apps take and drain our phone’s battery life. When it comes to apps that drain battery life, VoIP apps are said to be the most battery consuming apps.

End-to-end encryption

Why Use End-To-End Encrypted Messaging Apps

If you’re paranoid someone else is tracking your text messages, you need a secure messaging app that can encrypt all your data. To ensure safety and privacy, Pinngle will protect all your calls and messages from prying eyes with its E2EE and serverless operation.

Telegram Channel Alternative

What Is The Best Telegram Channel Alternative

If you’re looking for the finest app to create a public channel, you should take Telegram’s potential flaws into consideration. Also, before you plan on launching a public channel, always aim for the most secured app. An app like Pinngle can be the best Telegram channel alternative for you.

Best European Countries to Spend Christmas

Have Pinngle App with you wherever you go this Chrismas! Snap thousands of pictures and send them to your loved ones overseas with Pinngle. Make free international calls or purchase Pinngle’s virtual numbers to wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.