Video and voice calling apps have been an ongoing issue in the Middle East. Most people living in Middle Eastern countries face difficulties calling for free. Over the past five years, telecommunication companies are monetizing VoIP services preventing people from using free online calling applications.  But in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, VoIP services are banned for other political reasons.

Surprisingly Jordan, for now, is one of the few countries in the Middle East that lifted the ban on free voice and video calling applications. Countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE are still banned from using free calling apps. The only possible ways to receive and call Jordan is through fixed lines, or an online app that is VoIP block free. One of those rare apps is Pinngle.  Pinngle app is created with the vision to connect everyone in the world when other apps get shut down or blocked.

What makes Pinngle unique from other calling apps in Jordan

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Jordanian expats mostly reside in the Middle East and some in the United States. To bypass the VoIP ban in the Middle East, expats are obliged to buy and download VPNs to call for free.  A good alternative for this issue is the Pinngle app.  It is designed specifically to work everywhere and anytime for free. Even in countries with internet restriction policies and VoIP ban.

Pinngle also comes with many distinctive features. For instance, It has a callback and call-forwarding option. You can call anyone, even those who do not live in Jordan or have Pinngle. Also, it uses the battery charge economically saving up to 40% and works perfectly well in places with poor Wifi.

Who can benefit form Pinngle app in Jordan

Call Jordan

Everyone can benefit from Pinngle app. If you are a Jordanian living abroad and want to call Jordan, or an expat living in Jordan and want to call abroad, you can always try Pinngle. Whether you are a businessman living in Jordan, or a traveler who is in need of Sim cards, Pinggle offers virtual numbers starting as low as 1.50 USD.
With Pinngle, international dialing has never been this simple and easy.

You can easily download Pinngle now from Google play or download Pinngle from AppStore.


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