Are you interested in free calls to Afghanistan? Thankfully, the modern world of the Internet and high technologies enables people all over the world to connect with each other easily, affordable, and even for free.

The advances in technology have eliminated the borders among countries, so you can no longer worry about how you can stay in touch with your family and friends in Afghanistan. All you need is to use Pinngle so enjoy free calls to Afghanistan, as well as from Afghanistan.

Expats and Immigration from Afghanistan

The number of Afghan people living in the US and Dubai has increased over the recent years. As a result, the interest in making free calls to Afghanistan from the US or from Afghanistan to the US, as well as to Afghanistan from Dubai or from Afghanistan to Dubai has grown.

Today, the Afghan people living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) make up one of the largest Afghan communities outside their country. Almost 1.50.000 Afghans reside in the UAE. Nearly 70.000 reside in Al Ain and work in the construction and agricultural industries. In Dubai, there are about 30.000 Afghans, and in Abu Dhabi 20.000.

When it comes to the United States (US), Afghan Americans have been immigrating to the US for a long time. They may have arrived as early as the 1860s. The US Census Bureau reports that there were approximately 65.972 Afghan-Americans living in the country in 2006. By 2015, this number reached around 96.089.

Messaging apps are a great communication means for people interested in calling Afghanistan for free. You just need to find the right chat app that will allow you to keep in touch with your friends and family easily and for free.

How to Use Pinngle Messaging App for Free Calls to Afghanistan

How to Use Pinngle Messaging App for Free Calls to Afghanistan

Pinngle is a free cross-platform messaging and voice over IP (VoIP) mobile application, serving as the best instant messaging (IM) app for making free calls to Afghanistan. Pinngle was developed by Pinngle CJCS and initially launched in October 2016.

During this short period of time, this messaging app has managed to become one of the top messengers in the Middle East. What is more, Pinngle is a great alternative to even the most popular messaging apps available on today’s mobile app market. This chat app is available both for Android and iOS devices.

To make free calls to Afghanistan using Pinngle, you and the person you’re trying to connect with just need to install the messaging app on their mobile devices. Even if want to call a person who doesn’t use Pinngle, calls will be extremely affordable thanks to Pinngle Out.

In addition, Pinngle offers virtual or DID phone numbers at highly competitive rates and with wide international coverage, using which you can receive calls for free.

Pinngle comes with the following benefits that both individuals and businesses can use to their advantage:

    • Lower-cost services
    • Lower data usage
    • More reliable voice calls and video calls (at 720p resolution)
    • Operate even with the slowest Internet connection
    • Operation in VoIP blocked countries (you just need to use its “Bypass VoIP Blocking” mode)
    • End-to-end encryption across all its platforms (no data is ever stored on any of its 3 servers)
    • Public Channels open to everyone
    • Opportunity to have a unique link to promote your Pinngle Channel on any other media available
    • Virtual or DID phone numbers at extremely affordable rates to receive 100% free calls from a wide variety of countries

To always stay in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues easily, affordable, and even for free, just download the messaging app Pinngle both for Android and iOS. Free calls to Afghanistan can no longer be a problem for you if you use Pinngle.

What messaging app do you use for free calls to Afghanistan? Feel free to share your comments with us below.

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