Best Free Travel, Weather, and Health Apps for Android 2017

Smartphone applications, both instant messaging (IM) and those developed for a variety of other purposes, have completely changed the way people work and live. They have opened up doors for new possibilities such as travel planning, getting weather information, ordering your favorite food, shopping, booking tickets, and more. If you take, e.g., Pinngle, a new messaging and calling app, you’ll see how easily and affordably you can keep in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Pinngle was launched by Zigma Telecom SIA in October 2016, and soon became one of the best apps on today’s mobile app market. The app has already been downloaded by almost 5 million users worldwide. What are some of the best features offered by Pinngle?

  • Thanks to the special algorithm developed by the company, you can go online anywhere in the world using Pinngle
  • The app works even in VoIP blocked countries
  • Has a good reception quality even with 2G
  • Pinngle offers fast and extremely low-cost services
  • Has fun stickers and emojis
  • Has the capacity to work even with the poorest Internet connection
  • With Pinngle, you can send files in any format and without any limit
  • Using Pinngle, you can make HD video calls at 720p resolution
  • Pinngle boasts low data usage
  • Pinngle guarantees 100% protection for your online privacy since the app uses end-to-end encryption across all its platforms and never stores any data on its servers
  • The app provides call forwarding and location sharing services
  • Using Pinngle, you can enjoy Public Channels
  • Pinngle is available both on Android and iOS devices

And much more

What about mobile applications developed for travel, weather, and health? Let’s find out what are the best travel, weather, and health apps that you can install and enjoy on your mobile device.

1.Google Maps


google maps

Google Maps is more than just a great map. It offers Street View, quick access to information about local amenities and entertainment. You can use Google Maps in an offline mode as well. So, with Google Maps, you can enjoy real-time GPS navigations, traffic, transit, and information about millions of places. This app provides real-time updates, and helps users discover and explore places like locals. Even if you don’t have an Internet connection, you can get directions and use navigation. You can enjoy street views and indoor imagery, comprehensive maps, transit schedules, and detailed business information. Moreover, you can now explore the International Space Station on Google Street View.

2. Citymapper



Citymapper is all about making cities easier to use. The app’s journey planner combines all transport modes to find the best route for the user. This refers to both walking and metro, train and rail, ferry and Uber taxi, as well as cycles. The whole information is in real time. With the help of Citymapper, you get information about train times and disruptions as well. Citymapper comes with features such as Find The Best Route, Real Time Data, Personalize Your City, Smart Commute, Step-by-step Journey Planner, and Special Features.

3. Weather Underground


weather underground

Weather Underground is ideal for those want to know the weather. All you need is to select a location, and the app will provide information based on your needs. Current weather conditions like temperature, local rainfall map, can always be found at the top together with a day/hour/summary forecast. You can also find details on air quality and enjoy interactive radar, satellite maps and get severe weather alerts. Weather Underground offers features such as Status Notification, Current Conditions, 10-day Forecasts, Interactive Map, Favorite Locations, Recent Searches, Crowd Reporting, Light or Dark modes, and more.

4. Runkeeper



If you’re a fitness lover, Runkeeper can help you track all your runs, walks, and rides. The app calculates the amount of calories you’ve burnt, and how hard you’ve tried over the last week or so. Using the app, you set goals, track workouts, follow a plan, stay motivated, and see progress. Runkeeper offers features such as Running Groups, Audio Cues, Training Plans, Routes, Challenges, Partner Apps, Bluetooth Connectivity, Stopwatch Mode, and Social Sharing.

5. Zombies, Run!


zombies run

Zombies, Run! Is about spicing up your running, jogging, or hobbling. The app gives you an opportunity to join 2 million runners on a fantastic adventure. This is a running game and audio adventure that puts you at the center of your own adventure story. The app offers features such as Walk, Jog, or Run Anywhere, Your Are Runner 5, A World Of Stories, Upgrade To Pro, Your Own Mix, Zombies Chases, Detailed Stats, Keep The Survivors Alive, and View Your Runs Online With Zombielink.

6. TaoMix




TaoMix comes with an intuitive interface and features a neat design in minimalist style. The app gives users a unique opportunity to create an atmosphere and mood that can be different every time. The full version allows to enjoy over 55 high-quality sounds. You can choose to enjoy relaxation and meditation sessions, practice yoga, enhance your concentration or enjoy the sound of nature. The app offers a timer that you can use to fall asleep to your self-evolving ambience. You can save and retrieve your creations, and mix up 3 relaxing sounds together. No ads and no time limit.

If you’re interested in weather, health and travel applications, you can go through the options listed above so to make the best choice for you. When it comes to messaging apps, consider using Pinngle to connect with your family, friends, and colleagues easily and affordably.

Do you have other travel, health, and weather app options you’d like to add? Feel free to share your comments below.