Are you interested in making free international calls? How can you call the United Kingdom from India? Thankfully, the modern world of communication enables people to connect with each other using instant messaging (IM) applications. There’re many messaging applications on today’s mobile app market. Find the right messenger to stay in touch with others affordably and easily, and even for free.

Using Pinngle for Free International Calls from India to the UK

Free International Calls from India to the UK

Making free international calls from India to the UK is especially important for British Indians or Indian Britons. These are citizens of the United Kingdom (UK) whose ancestral roots lie in India. This includes people born in the UK who are of Indian descent. Also, this includes Indian-born people who have migrated to the UK.

Today, Indians make up more than one million people in the UK. This figure doesn’t include those of mixed Indian and another ancestry. They comprise the largest subgroup of British Asians. Also, they represent the largest Indian communities in the Indian diaspora.

However, be aware that free international calls from the UK to India aren’t only important for individuals. These calls are also important for business owners interested in making calls to the UK. Of course, Pinngle can be used both by individuals and business owners all over the world. This messenger is unique for those who are on the lookout for a reliable, affordable, high-quality, secure, and easy-to-use messenger with low data usage.

Pinngle is a free cross-platform instant messaging and voice over IP (VoIP) mobile application. It was founded in October 2016. A short period of time has passed. Nevertheless, this fine instant messaging app has already become a perfect alternative to even the most popular chat apps available these days.

Pinngle boasts a number of features and advantages that make it stand out from the crowd as a free Internet call app. So, you can be sure to choose Pinngle instead of the most popular chat apps offered by the mobile app industry. Do you need to make free international calls to the UK from India or make free calls from Dubai to India? No worries! You just need to install Pinngle on your mobile device and connect with others for free.

Features offered by Pinngle include, but aren’t limited to:

    • More affordable services as compared to other options available today.
    • Top-quality voice calls even with 2G.
    • Top-quality video calls without any voice delays or voice interruptions.
    • Operate even with the slowest Internet connection and overloaded WiFi.
    • Operation in blocked countries where other apps get shut down or blocked.
    • Lower data usage (up to 30%-40%).
    • End-to-end encryption across all its platforms.
    • Serverless operation. This means no data is ever stored on servers. So, this makes it possible for you to enjoy the highest level of protection for your top most sensitive data.
    • Public Channels without spam and ads.
    • Ability to have a unique link to promote your Pinngle Channel on any other media available.
    • Virtual or international phone numbers at the lowest buying rates. Also, these numbers offer wide international coverage to help you receive 100% free calls from a wide variety of countries.

And more.

Making free calls is no more a challenge in this day and age. Messaging applications are a great opportunity in this regard. You just need to install a chat app like Pinngle on your mobile device. Start communicating with your family, friends, and colleagues easily and for free. You can do this by visiting the Google Play Store or App Store. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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