You know what’s worse than having a slow internet connection? Nothing… Bad internet connection can be really frustrating, especially when you’re video calling someone and can’t figure out what’s causing it to become slow. Is it your computer? Your Wi-Fi router? Or too many people connected to the same router? Truth is, there are many reasons your internet becomes slow. Continue reading this article to figure out what is causing your internet to appear slow and what video calling app you can use in such situations.    

Why is my internet so slow?

There are many reasons your internet is slow. It could be a problem with your router, weak Wi-Fi signals, or slow DNS server. Sometimes it could be because you’re using an old computer that might need a software update. Moreover, sometimes if you have any viruses or unnecessary software running in your computer’s background, it may reduce the amount of processing power and speed available for data from the internet. Other times the problem may not be on your end. It could be the result of an overloaded website. 

How to fix slow internet? 

First step you have to do is unplug the router and the modem. Then wait at least 30 seconds and plug in the modem. Wait another 60 seconds and then plug in the router. After plugging back the router and the modem, wait at least 2 minutes then test and see if the problem went away.

Second step, check your speed and plan. Ask your Wi-Fi provider for the speed and plan. Ask if yours is ADSL or ADSL2. ADSL is slower than ADSL2 and is slower than most NBN connections. Sometimes your internet speed might be fast, but it slowly  starts to become slower by the end of the month or so. This might be because you’ve used your monthly bandwidth allowance.

Third step, optimize your web for a slow internet connection. When there is literally nothing to do about the speed of your internet, simply optimize your web for a slow internet connection. Use mobile or HTML versions when visiting a website and disable images for a while to make your internet run faster. Also you could use features such as Opera Turbo to avoid slow internet.

How to video call on a slow internet ? 

The best video calling app to use while connected to a slow WiFi is Pinngle Messenger and here’s why. Well, some countries lack the infrastructure to deliver high-speed internet. These countries include India, Iran, Nigeria, Yemen, Libya and many more in Africa and Asia. However, even if you don’t live in these countries, you might also be connected to an overloaded WiFi, or to a weak router and modem which is causing your video call to lag. But with Pinngle Messenger, this will never happen because it is designed to connect you even in the worst circumstances.

Pinngle works on any network generation, even 2G. With Pinngle Messenger, you can no longer worry about slow internet and bad network connectivity because Pinngle will deliver all your messages and connect you immediately when connected to poor WiFi. Moreover, if you’re in places where many people are connected to the same WiFi router, Pinngle operates smoothly when the WiFi hotspot gets overloaded.

No Restrictions

Many apps are illegal in many countries. With Pinngle, you can make calls without these restrictions. Traveling to some countries can trouble you with calls. With the Pinngle messenger , you can easily make calls to any country without any barriers. If you travel a lot, this is an excellent messaging app for you as nothing will keep you away from your friends and family.

High-Quality Images

Some apps have poor quality images. The primary significance of video calls is visual. If unclear then the call does not feel as important as it should be. With Pinngle, calls are clear and high quality. The resolution of 720p is enough to give you a nice  clear image of your caller.

The Calls Are Free

Calling using Pinngle messenger is free. The app does not charge you to make calls. Many people can not afford to call their friends and family over long distances. The most significant barrier is the cost to make such calls. With Pinngle, the calls are free from one caller to another.


The Pinngle app is the most secure app that you will ever use. The app does not store information on its servers as it is a serverless messenger. The app, therefore, leaves no chance for anyone to reproduce the shared data. Calling apps have been a significant source of information that can be misused by criminals to get to you. The ability to make secure calls is very essential for your safety needs.

The app has many other features. You can message your friends over distances. The messages are instant, and they are free. You can also freely share files with your friends. The app also offers disposable phone numbers at a low cost. The messaging feature is the best as it does not store any messages that you send. The feature ensures that no one has the copy of your message except the recipient.

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