Telegram, known for its speed and security, is a free instant messaging app which has now over 200 million monthly active users. The app has many interesting and unique features, therefore not every messaging app can be an alternative to it. But there is a relatively new messaging app called Pinngle which was launched in October 2016 that could somehow be the perfect alternative to Telegram. Let’s discuss some of Telegram’s features and decide whether Pinngle could become the perfect alternative to it.


Telegram accounts are tied to telephone numbers in which users get verifications by SMS or a phone call. Telegram users can add multiple devices to their account and receive messages on each device. Pinngle account is also tied to telephone numbers and during registration, you may get SMS or phone call to get your account verified. Pinngle has a “call forwarding” feature which allows you to add/activate your new number to your account. All your incoming calls to your registered Pinngle number will be forwarded to the activated number. Your incoming calls will be free and there will be no need to inform your contacts about the number you’ve changed.

Cloud-based messages

Telegram’s default messages are cloud-based. Your messages can be accessed on any of your connected devices. You can share photos, videos, audio messages and other files. Moreover, you can send messages to other users individually or to groups of up to 5,000 members. The good thing is that your sent messages can be edited and deleted on both sides within 48 hours after they have been sent. Pinngle Messenger’s default messages are also cloud-based. Besides, it offers high-speed services to its users to communicate easily and faster. Pinngle also offers group messages, but unlike Telegram, you can add up to 50,000 users in a single group chat.


Telegram’s channels can be created to an unlimited number of subscriber and anyone can join or create a channel. And those who join a channel will be able to see the channel’s history. And of course, users can join and leave channels whenever they want.  Pinngle Public Channels can be defined as an entertainment medium that can be used to share exclusive content to the fast-growing Pinngle users. Public Channels will allow users to discover genuine content from various personalities and celebs.


Telegram’s stickers are high-definition images intended to provide more expressive emojis. Usually, all stickers come in different collections called “sets” and multiple stickers can be offered for one emoji. Telegram’s sticker sets installed from one client become automatically available to all other clients. Pinngle has also a variety of fun and trendy stickers packs that are free to use. You can use them to animate and spice up your conversation with your loved ones.

What Pinngle offers more compared to Telegram?

Pinngle works with the slowest Internet Connection

This is a unique feature in the messaging app industry that allows you to get connected to the internet anywhere in the world, including those countries where there is limited internet traffic exchange. Unlike Telegram, Pinngle works with overloaded WiFi or 2G networks.

High-Quality Video calls

Telegram users can contact users through texting and voice calls. However, with Pinngle Messenger, you have a variety of options to get in touch with your loved ones. You’ve got texting, voice calls, voice notes, and most importantly high-quality video calls.

Can Overcome Blocking in Countries with Heavy Internet Censorship

Did you know that Telegram does not operate in more than 10 countries? Fortunately, Pinngle does! Pinngle Messenger has an anti-blocking technology that allows people to use the app without actually installing and downloading VPNs.

Protects your Data to the Fullest

Telegram’s system of communication is not completely safe because it doesn’t encrypt your messages by default. Instead, it only offers end-to-end-encryption to its “secret chat” feature. Pinngle Messenger, on the other hand, encrypts all your messages by default using end-to-end encryption. Additionally, Pinngle Messenger has a serverless architecture, meaning none of your data can be stored on its servers. That being said, Pinngle cannot sell your data to third parties or government authorities because of its serverless architecture.

You can easily download Pinngle now from Google play or download Pinngle from AppStore.

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