Nowadays everyone is super occupied and due to colossal globalization, occupied in different places all over the world! But meeting with your clients, establishing affinity, and efficiently communicating is the only to clinch a prosperous partnership. With the evolution of technology and the development of powerful tools like video calls and virtual meetings that allow conferences with patrons throughout the world, without ever the requirement you of leaving your office or sometimes even your home is the perfect fix. 

The most simple ways to ensure your video calls and virtual meetings go smoothly with your client, without you getting stuck in the jargon are below…

1. Affiliate Beforehand

The quintessential environment for a video call by phone or connected to a projector and virtual meeting is one of solace along with mutual respect for one another. So the most convenient way to synchronize from the start is by affiliating early. Being before time will portray your decency and it will indicate your respect for your patron’s time, you appear prepared, and it will allow you to acknowledge other participants as they join the conference. Affiliating early also gives you the edge as it will abet you check all the equipment, tone and avoid embarrassing malfunctions that lead to delays. 

2. Adopt a Schedule

Valuing an agenda will show that you are super organized and it will also help to make sure you don’t leave anything imperative throughout the course of the meeting. Try and arrange topics in an innate progression while building a schedule which in turn will make it convenient for the shift from one topic to the next. Be sure to deliver a clear agenda to your client, prior to the meeting, which will give them sufficient time to audit and make their alterations prior to the call.

3. Be Prepared

The more you have perceived about every topic on the schedule, the more assured you will be. You will be super confident if have complete knowledge of a topic, which will assist you to be sincere and succinct while talking to the clients, saving everyone’s precious time. Being prepared will allow you to grabble answers to all the questions on time and to eye the issues and resolutions even before the client notices them, eliminate awkwardness and establish a good rep. 

4. Appropriate Use of the Video Call

keeping the video on during calls can be a persuasive tool that encourages more efficient communication, and in establishing stronger relationships, only if used correctly. While having a video during a call, be sure to reduce the video window, and place it exactly under the webcam. This placement will offer you an essential and comfortable place to rest your eyes, abetting eye contact with the others which in turn will create a passionate connection, build an affinity with the patron as well. Bring this hack into use, don’t fidget, and you’ll be good to go!

5.Curtail the Distractions

Your every client deserves your unflagging attention, for your business to boom make sure you give it to them. Start by eliminating distractions for yourself to boost the value of the meetings.

Simple things like turning off desktop notifications, cell phones, not multitasking and not having anything going on in the background amidst the call will display your support towards your client and ensure that you leave miss anything imperative 

6. Always Listen

As we all know a conversation is a two-way road! So remember, you are not just there to speak and part your thoughts but also to listen to what your client has to say. While the other person is speaking, make eye contact, don’t interrupt them and let them pause at their own. Be mindful of your body language and non-verbal echelon and don’t let it give away anything disrespectful.

7. Keep the Clients Hooked

The biggest challenge during a virtual meeting is to keep the clients engaged and interested. For keeping your clients hooked, prepare visuals to grab their attention, use reports, captivating presentations, videos, anything and everything that will advance real-time collaboration. The lethal combination of audio and visuals will help the clients to focus more as well as better! 

8. Relay a Recap

How you act after the meeting is as imperative as what you do during the meeting itself. Be sure to send a synopsis afterward so that everyone is on the same page as synopsis concisely reviews every crucial topic. Be sure to include all alacrity items, anything miscellaneous, and any crucial deadlines in the recap. You can also consider adjoining a copy of the video for those who were not there or need to audit the call. A synopsis is also an amazing starting point for curating the next agenda.

This comprehend list of the above minimalist and super helpful steps to boost any video call or virtual meeting will become your own personal hack and will certainly help you to ace all the digital meetings!


Pattyl Vartanian is a Storyteller and passionate about blogging. She currently covers topics related to tech, telecom, marketing, and mobile apps. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming and reading poetry as well as non-fiction books.

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