In a few days, we will be farewelling 2018 and welcoming 2019 with positivity and joy. Having to spend New Year’s Eve away from your friends and family might not be what you hoped for this year. But this should not stop you from wishing them a year full of blessings and happiness. So, have you thought of ways to wish your loved ones a Happy New Year? Is it through texting? calling? or maybe something more creative?

Here is a list of ideas you could use to wish your beloved ones a Happy New Year.  

Voice or Video Call 

Now, this might not sound very creative, but you will have to go with it if you miss hearing or seeing your parents/friends voice. By the way, during festive seasons and specifically on New Year’s Eve, cellular signals become very shoddy causing calls to disconnect. But with Pinngle free messaging App, calls work perfectly because it is developed to work even when cell phone reception is weak!  

Share A Holiday Song 

This option might probably sound cheesy for some, but if you’re not going to send each other holiday songs, when will you? You get to sing and enjoy such songs once every year! So what’s the harm in sharing it with your loved ones? Whether it’s Abba’s classic Happy New Year song or any other holiday pop song, this will definitely make them sing along, and put a smile on their faces. 

Mail a Holiday Postcard 

Are you an old-fashioned individual and prefer to do things in traditional ways? If yes, then it’s never too late to pass by the nearest gift shop and grab your favorite holiday postcard to send your loved ones. Another option is, you can unleash your creativity and DIY your own postcard. Indeed you will be spending more time on this option,  but it will have a greater meaning and will thus indicate you’re willing to spend a lot of time on people you care about the most.   

Send a Sticker

Why text Happy New Year when you can simply send a holiday digital sticker? Sending stickers instead of texts will spice up your conversation and add cheerful vibes especially during this time of the year! So make sure to send your loved ones the perfect stickers on this very special day. By the way, Pinngle app has one of the coolest New Year sticker packs! Have you tried them yet? 

Send a GIF

Finally, if you’ve got a cool and funny personality, you can send your loved ones a trendy holiday GIF. Whether its a GIF from your favorite holiday movie, music video, or anything that went viral, sending it will be a better expressive tool than words. So go ahead and send humorous GIFs  because this is exactly how you need to wish someone you care about a Happy New Year.  

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