We all are prepared to enter into the next decade. As every other industry is modifying and transforming with the advancement in technology, telecom is also going to transform in several ways by technology. From Artificial Intelligence to 5G a number of other different technologies are going to contribute to the transformation of Telecom in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

The telecom industry is one of those industries which are extensively utilizing the potential of Artificial intelligence in several aspects of a business. They are refining customer service and interaction through Virtual assistants and chatbots. All in all AI has become essential for telecom industry’s optimization. To see or predict the future, almost all the telecom companies are consuming AI’s efficiency to process the bulk of data in order to drive useful data. This refined data provides a deep business insight from the great bulk of data which enables one to take actionable business decisions.

Big Data

It is totally irrefutable that telecom companies collect and generate large volumes of data from the apps, mobile devices, and other wearables’. Wireless data is expected to continue to grow in 2020 but telecom companies with the potential of Big Data will utilize this data to their competitive advantage. In order to gather the data which can be used to improve the customer experience and product ideas, telecom companies need to provide efficient service which supports heavy data transmission through their network. Ultimately this collected data is evaluated through big data to improve the business strategy and optimize the customer experience. It also helps with innovative product ideas to help businesses build stronger.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is now a new earning prospect for the telecom, and this technology is continuing to grow with all the e-businesses and internet marketing. Cloud computing is providing several scaling opportunities and cost-effectiveness factors to the telecom industry. The new pay-per-use cloud computing model has helped them increase their revenues. This model has reduced its cost to a great level and has enabled them to cater to the market demands more effectively. The best thing about cloud computing service is that Telecoms don’t only provide this service but also can utilize the cloud themselves. Shifting the important functions to the cloud, saves them a great deal of space and also improves business efficiency.


We take telecom services quite for granted including phone, internet, TV, messaging, etc. until we face outages and see how dependent we are on these services. Telecommunication companies like Spectrum, Mediacom, and Comcast Xfinity, etc. are at a high risk of cybersecurity than any other industry because they act as a gateway to other businesses. Their complex and vast infrastructure are more prone to direct malicious attacks as well as indirect attacks such as viruses, malware, etc. These growing security threats call for great security measures. And certainly, there is great room for improvement of security in the telecom industry. Even a bogus claim of attack can malign a telecom company’s reputation.

Internet where facilitates us in transferring and receiving information, on another hand, it is also prone to external malicious attacks. If you are to transfer any sensitive information via internet then I’d suggest you get on to Spectrum internet. Spectrum also offers a total security suite in order to keep online and offline data all the more secure.

RPA (Robotics Process Automation)

Robotic process automation, as is taking control of all the high-frequency repetitive tasks of almost every industry. The same is the case with the telecom industry. With the implementation of RPA in telecom, the total error rate and cost are reduced however operation efficiency increases. The telecom industry has the highest adoption rate for RPA. In telecom RPAs have taken the responsibility of many tasks such as report generation, price tracking, responding to customer queries, etc.

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