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Pinngle Public Channels

Almost 5 million Pinngle users worldwide have a new opportunity to connect in a fun and interesting way on the messenger they trust the most. Pinngle Public Channels are fine social media entertainment channels using which you can share content and conversation on your mobile device.

Keep in touch with your brand and users

Share unique content with your subscribers

Provide your clients with 24/7 support

Use public channel to reach a massive and mobile audience

Unique link to promote your channel on any other media available

Enjoy more privacy than on public social media platforms

Open a Pinngle Public Channel

Pinngle Public Channels open up doors for communication opportunities. There is nothing difficult about opening a Public Channel: you do it directly from Pinngle messenger you have on your mobile device. The great thing about Pinngle Public Channels is that they’re open to everyone. The company offers 24/7 support to users.

In our increasingly connected reality, Pinngle Public Channels allow you to share content in a safe environment. You are responsible for how you behave online, for the content you choose to share and for the interaction you have with other users. In a world, where the number of brands recognizing the power of messaging apps in their marketing strategies is growing at a rapid pace, Pinngle Public Channels are also important for bridging the gap between your brand and users.

Manage Your Pinngle Public Channel

You can open your channel, name it, choose an image for it, and start sharing links and content for free. This is a great way to share photos and videos with your target audience. Use the appeal of Pinngle messenger to connect directly with millions of people.

Using Pinngle Public Channels, you can establish a relationship and give your messages a personal touch, which has become critical to businesses operating these days. Using a Pinngle Public Channel, you can help customers get direct answers to their questions. This is a perfect means for you to get quick, direct and easy customer feedback, and offer excellent customer support.

Promote Your Pinngle Public Channel

Use Pinngle Public Channels to reach a massive, young, mobile audience through quick, direct communication and character-focused experience. Promote your Channel to connect with users on a one-on-one level.

Businesses can use Pinngle Channels to put a face on their brand and attract more customers. Since Pinngle messenger eliminates the walls and newsfeeds typical to social media platforms, you can promote your Channel to directly connect with larger circles. Moreover, you can always have a unique link to promote your Pinngle Channel on any other media available.

To promote your Pinngle Public Channel, you can also use Promotional Stickers. The company will work with you on the designs to offer a fun, colorful expression of your brand. Channel promotion will help you sharpen your brand perception.

Enjoy Your Pinngle Public Channel!

Using a Pinngle Public Channel, you can enjoy more privacy than on public social media platforms. Pinngle Channels are ideal for private promotion, urgent message sending, as well as easy, straightforward and diverse content sharing. Use Pinngle Channels to enjoy the opportunity of connecting with millions of people worldwide.

Pinngle Public Channels are great for leveraging your marketing efforts. Open a Pinngle Public Channel for your business to deliver better customer service, send content to users, sell products, and advertise easily and effectively. Establish a personal connection with your audience, and they’ll be glad to take your brand with them wherever they go.

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